Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays from my home to yours

Happy Holidays from the Posts!

Here is a little update:

Kat spent the first few months of the year running as much as possibleto train for her first marathon, and ran an impressive 26.2 miles evenwith a knee injury at mile nine. After this huge accomplishment wegot a little scared because we realized she is even more stubborn than we thought, but we were all very proud of her amazing athletic feat.

Steve became a teacher and a student when he began classes at CalState San Marcos for his administration credential, look out for Principal Post in two years. In the few hours of the day notdedicated to school Steve trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and even competed in his first tournament, forging an impressive career recordof 1-1.

Jessica developed her artistic talents this year, drawing and paintingbeautiful works of art almost every day. She also grew athletically in gymnastics, hula dancing, and soccer, but has stayed true to herfirst passion for ballet and will return to ballet classes early next year.

Isabella has cemented herself as the family goofball, and she is a force nobody can ignore now that she talks nearly non-stop. She is an independent and confident girl, on Saint Patrick’s day Izzy let usknow she is not Irish…she is a toddler. She also knows how to have fun, shouting “Booya!” and “Party Time!” whenever the mood hits.

Best wishes for a peaceful holiday season,

Steve, Kat, Jessica, and Isabella
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