Tuesday, September 29, 2009

28 reasons I heart the birthday Boy

I love the 'stache. I truly do. Its manly

I love that he watches Law & Order SVU with me, and whenever Ice T's character does something hardcore, we both yell out "ICE T!!!!!" Yep, we're nerds

I love that he's a teacher. And a darn good one at that

I love that he fishes

and is an AWESOME gardener

I love that he takes care of me and the girls

I love that he's now SURROUNDED by females. This is the same dude who can't stand to be around me and too many of my girlfriends at once. Ha, the teen years are going to be awesome!

I love that he surfs

I love his blue-used to be green until he turned 17ish and then turned blue (true story)- eyes

I love his big laugh and goofy, sometimes weird, sense of humor

I love that he is tall and makes me feel small, even when I'm rockin the huge-just-had-a-baby mama body

I love that he supports me in everything and anything I do

Even if he teases me about it sometimes

I love that our daughters have him wrapped around their little fingers

I love that he eats pretty much everything I make, and says its good

I love that he wants to spend time with me

I love that he has so many interests and hobbies

And, I love that they aren't all the same as mine (makes for interesting convos)

I love that his family is so important to him

I love that I can trust him

I love how he still laughs at the Simpsons reruns, even though he's seen like all the episodes

I love when he wears his glasses

I love how he does his own thing, not caring what others think or do

I love that he's 6 months younger than me

I love how he makes me talk when I'm being stubborn

I love how patient he is, with everything

I love that he never yells, or really even raise his voice

I love when he comes home early from work

I love how we randomly bust out into dance parties, the only music being the songs we're singing

I love that he's mine :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Hubbys' a Fisherman

Remember how my hubby did a post on his garden?

Well, not only is he an awesome gardener, he's also a Fisherman. And a fine one at that! He's a member on this fishing website and they go on trips together, as well as share their "fish tales" on it. Steve always sends out an email with his story when he gets back from his trips, along with pictures. Like I said before, trying to make this a family blog so I want to share some of Steve, too!

His fishing story in his words:

My long awaited September fishing trip arrived one fine Friday afternoon, in September, and found me scrambling to get ready to leave the house with time to get food, gas, park, unload, eat, and load on the boat before it left that evening at 9 pm. I hadn't even started packing my bags until Friday after school so I knew it was gonna be a little tight. Every task at home is a little harder these days when two little beautiful girls are waiting for me to come home and play with them, but I managed to get home in time to give Izzy a bath, talk with Jessica for a few minutes, throw everything I needed in the car and speed off down the road hoping to avoid the worst Friday traffic.

Fishing trips are one of the only times that the stresses of work and the go go go pace of life melt away for a few days, and I felt it all drift away as soon as I pulled up in the landing parking lot to see the Senor Tuna fishing club tailgate party was already well under way. I found many fishing friends and familiar faces already knee deep in tamales, fried chicken, sushi, pizza, tri tip, beer, cookies, and even carne asada right off the grill in the parking lot. I wasted no time and sampled at least six of the different dishes available no matter how spicy or how obviously they would conflict in my stomach, but I made sure not to completely overeat in preparation for the open ocean. The Pacific Voyager, the official Senor Tuna charter vessel, was late coming in from their previous trip so we had lots of time to eat and talk, but we only ended up leaving a few minutes after our scheduled 9 pm departure.

The loading routine on a 2 day charter is a study in organized chaos, with cart fulls of fishing rods, tackle bags, luggage, boots, jackets, and whatever food was leftover from the tailgate. We kinda just moved the party down to the docks and up on the boat in about 15 minutes flat, this was only possible because most of the passengers worked together to load and store all the gear in one big team effort. I was very excited to see the Senor Tuna guys working well together so early in the trip, as tuna fishing requires a team mentality to have the most success. The boat pulled away from the dock once everyone was on board and we motored out in the darkness to find our fishing destiny.

Captain Mark called us all in the galley after a short while and gave us the run down for the weekend's game plan. Fishing had been very good in the past weeks, but with increased pressure on a weekend Mark wanted to get away from the fleet a bit and do his own fishing on his own terms. Captain Mark is one of the main reasons why the Pacific Voyager is consistently one of the top boats in the fleet and why we have so much fun on our trips. He does not want to follow other boats around, and he does not want to be followed while fishing, he truly wants to find his own fish and stay away from the other boat traffic while we rack up the highest fish counts.Captain Mark told us we would head down the coast 90 miles and we would expect to be in the right zone after dawn, so we could sleep in a little. Normally overnight trips like this require early action before dawn, but Mark let us know we could relax this time. I took the opportunity and slept better down in my bunk than I had all week at home. Without crying baby interruptions I slept solid and before I knew it, dawn had broken and most everyone was awake but me. No matter, we had just put out the trolling rods and started looking for fish.

The weather was great, very little wind, medium swells spaced out enough to make for easy going, and lots of hope on the horizon.I started looking for coffee and thought about breakfast, but then all hell broke loose. We rolled up on a giant school of yellowfin tuna right away and it was game on! Everyone who put out a bait was instantly hooked up on crazy fish swarming the boat on all sides. It was like a predator aquarium, you could literally see dozens of fish slamming baits all around the boat and shooting through the water in every direction. I was still in a daze and didn't have my game face on, let alone any coffee yet, but I pinned a bait on my hook and started fishing. I hooked up a small tuna and brought it on the boat, and switched to heavier gear to start really pulling in fish quick. When the bite is wide open its easy to catch fish on heavy tackle and rack up counts quickly. I grabbed my 40 pound set-up, which was total overkill for mostly 8-12 pound tuna, and hooked up another fish instantly. It was just too easy...but one problem, the boat was now being swarmed by skip jack, a pest in the tuna fishing world that is just not worth keeping when tuna are all over. I hooked and landed two or three skip jack in a row, all 3-5 pound pesky little turds, and kept trying. The problem is every time you land a fish you have to check the line for nicks or cuts, make sure the knots are still solid, and then try again. I had to re-tie a few knots and cut the line a few times, so I really missed out on some prime tuna time on that bite. If I had been totally awake and aware I bet I would have done better, but I just put my head down and kept trying.

I ditched the 40 pound gear and went down to 30 pound line as the bite slowed down a bit and finally, I landed a quality fish. When a big tuna hits the line they make a run straight down and start stripping line off the reel for 5-10 seconds at a time. After the initial run its a finesse game to make sure you don't pull the hook, stretch the line, or tangle with other lines, while trying to wear the fish down and get them up to the boat. I could feel the line as taught as I wanted it, so I kept consistent pressure on the fish and fought for about 10 minutes gaining line little by little. I brought the fish up and saw one of the better tuna of the day hit the deck as I smiled and felt relief. I have lost big fish before, its really no fun, so this lunker made my morning.

The bite died down shortly after I landed the big tuna, and we all paused to eat, re-tie hooks, and prepare for battle again. Within a half hour we stopped again for another great bite, this time the tuna were mixed in with yellowtail too. I hooked a few skip jack again and two yellowtail on that stop, but they yellowtail were smaller and were a little disappointing. I am not one to be picky, but a 3 pound yellowtail doesn't look like much next to a 20 pound tuna. After a few more skip jack I finally got some tuna on the hook and ended up landing two more nice 8-10 pounders on that stop. It was barely 10 am and I already had four tuna and two yellowtail on the boat, and everyone around me was doing great too.

Things ended up slowing down after that, most of the rest of our stops were for a handful of fish, and a lot of pesky skip jack, but I did get one more tuna and two more yellowtail through the day. At the end of the day the crew pulled the day’s catch back out on deck and filled the stern with a layer of fish. It was beautiful and even surprising to us, we didn't realize how much we had accumulated as a group. I weighed my big tuna in at 20 pounds, and it ended up being one of the top five fish that day. We ate a delicious pot roast and mashed potato dinner, and most went to sleep fairly early after a good hard day.

I normally don't get taken off guard in the mornings on fishing trips, but it happened again. I woke up in the night around 4:30 am to use the bathroom and considered staying awake to get prepared and start fishing before dawn. But once again the bunk called my name and I crashed for another hour and half. I woke up to a crew member yelling down to the sleepers, "The tuna are boiling all around the boat! Get up here and catch some fish!"

I barely got my boots on and raced upstairs, grabbed my closest pole and got a bait in the water while it was still dark out. Other people were hanging fish all around, and I got bit within 15 seconds and was fighting my tuna before any coffee.....again. It was hard to see the line in the dark, but I followed my fish up the side of the boat and quickly landed a smaller grade tuna within 3 minutes. After that I dropped another bait and hooked a real quality tuna that gave me a run for my money as the sun started to warm up the horizon a bit more. I happily landed the second tuna just as the bite was dying down, and had the captain snap a picture of me just out of bed with my glasses still on holding a great fish.

The second day of the trip was slower, more waiting in between stops, and more scattered fish though the morning. I did catch another tuna, another skip jack, lost a yellowtail, and landed a beautiful dorado. It doesn't get much more exciting than watching dorado race across the surface at top speed, and jump out of the water flashing their beautiful colors all around. After lunch we had to point the boat towards home because we were still almost 90 miles away and we were already behind schedule. I spent the afternoon watching the charger game, eating cookies and drinking soda, sleeping, eating more candy and junk food, and enjoying the rest of the relaxing evening.

When we got back on land I loaded up my coolers with fish and ice, zoomed back up the freeway and was home a little after 10 pm. After washing down my gear and unloading the car I had the daunting task of cleaning and packing the fish for the fridge and freezer. Kat was still awake and helped me a lot as we filled bag after bag of fish for friends, family, and ourselves. Some was marked for sushi, some for the grill this week, some for the future, and some for who knows. I took a much needed shower around midnight and got a few hours sleep before 5 am came and the work week started again. What a great weekend, what a great catch, and what great memories. I know I will be retelling this story over many meals to come, and you can call me out if the fish grow bigger and bigger over time, but the proof is in the pictures.


Bigger Tuna from Saturday

20 pounds of pleasure

Who needs coffee when you have hot tuna!

Sunday's Tuna and Dorado

You get it

Representing Mission Vista High School

I've been putting Steve's fishing stories and pictures into a scrapbook for him. Which reminds me, I'm totally behind on that.........
And just an fyi- we enjoyed some AH-MAAAA-ZING fresh sushi on Monday night, and mouth watering seared ahi tuesday night. Fish tacos will be Friday, plus a freezer full!
This is one hobby I fully endorse ;)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Thumb Sucker

I know, its not good for her teeth. I know as a mother, and from experience. I sucked my finger until I was 8 years old. I remember my mom trying everything to get me to stop. And, like any true addiction, I only stopped when I was ready. When I realized, sitting at story time in Mrs. Larson's 2nd grade class- I was a little old to be sucking my finger............. I paid for it with braces TWICE. Awesome.

With Jessica, I was so scared she's suck her thumb or finger. I pretty much forced the binky on her. But Izzy? Yeah, she wouldnt' let me. She wouldn't take a binky for the life of her. When she kept refusing the binky, I WANTED her to take her finger, to at least give my poor boobas a break from being her 24/7 soother. But nothing for the first 3 months.

Then, all of the sudden, she discovered her thumb. And the binky. It was like all of the sudden she realized she could suck on things other than mommy. When I laid her down to sleep, she realized she could pull her left thumb into her mouth to soothe herself to self. Just a few weeks later she realized that the right thumb worked just as well.

I tried the binky, I really did. The only one she ever really took are those big ole green ones from the hospital. And she takes it, but when it falls out, her thumb is in her mouth. She's now gotten to a point where I just start to lay her down and her thumb goes strait to her mouth.

Oh well, I may be paying for it in orthodontic bills later in life, but at least I'm sane now!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Un-Glamorous Side of Motherhood

When I had Jessica, I felt like there was soooooo many things that people forget to tell you. Like how your nipples will probably be really sore, like that you will be STARVING if you're nursing, how you will be sore, like it hurts to sit sore, you get my point. I decided to make a basket of all those things that you end up needing but no one tells you to get, for my friends who had babies. I've finally had a whole slew of them and have been giving out these baskets. Thought I would share with y'all what I gave to them and why :)
(but if you're a friend of mine and will most likely recieve this, don't read if you want it to be a surprise!)
and feel free to do this for your friends- just be sure you don't claim the idea as yours ;)
The “Welcome to the Un-Glamorous Side of Motherhood (that everyone forgets to tell you about) Basket”

Kotex pads
. They’re the best ones to use. And you will need them. Sometimes for 4 – 6 (or even 8) weeks after the baby is born.
Cheap underwear. Because you don’t want to wear cute anything when you have a newborn. Save your cute panties for when you’re ready to make baby # 2 (ha!)
Hemorrhoidal pads. Cause you may get hemorrhoids from PUSHING OUT AN 8 POUND BABY. And even if you don’t. You will be sore. For awhile. Use them, they feel good. And don’t be afraid to use whatever pain medicine your doctor told you to take.
Nursing Tank Top. So you don’t have to show your just-had-a-baby-tummy to the whole world as you are already flashing your boob to them when nursing your baby. (The best ones are from target, they run really small, but they’re the most comfy and best on your pocketbook). You will live in them ;)
Lanolin. To rub on your cracked, sore, maybe even bleeding nipples. Cause breastfeeding can be hard at first. It is natural, but not instinctual. Lanolin saves the day. And don’t worry- It gets sooooooooo much easier and it is so worth it!
Nursing Pads. Cause your boobs will leak. At the most embarrassing times. It’s awesome. This too will get easier.
Luna Bar. You’ll be hungry- hungrier than when you were pregnant. Eat and Enjoy!
Water Bottle. Because more than being hungry, you will be sooooo THIRSTY. This bottle is awesome cause you only need one hand to open it. Don’t leave anywhere with out your water bottle. And drink lots- it will help your milk supply
Tide-to-go. Once you’re a mom it’s impossible to stay spot less. Whether from the baby’s spit up or poop, or from dropping food on your self while trying to eat while nursing/rocking/just holding a baby, it’s going to happen. Stick this in your diaper bag, it works wonders
Hand Sanitizer. For all those people who are dying to hold your baby with their dirty, germy hands. Put one out before visitors, they’ll take the hint
HOOTER HIDER. Cause you have to feed the baby, and some people don’t’ want to see boobs in public. Their bad, not yours, but might as well hide it so that no one is uncomfortable
Wipes & Dipes carrier. Stick this in your car. Cause one day, you’ll have a dirty diaper, and you left the diaper bag at home. You’ll be very happy to have this J
Starbucks. Cause you’ll be tired. Cause the baby wakes up A LOT during the night. And you’ll need the caffeine (check with your Dr, but really, all moms do it ;) )

Most importantly though, ENJOY it. All jokes aside, it really is a miracle. It’s going to seem overwhelming and tiring at first, but before you know it your baby will be running around and talking your ear off. Enjoy those precious first few months when your baby is little and perfect, don’t worry about laundry, cooking, cleaning. Don’t be afraid to ask for help with anything and everything. This is a very important time for you and your baby. Savor every moment.
So far I've been told that it has been helpful :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lazy Lasgna

I have been trying to do a lot of "Mommy Jessica" time recently, thanks to the advice of the behavioralist after Jessica's psychotic toddler tantrum. Its been really awesome for both of us. During the week, when the preschoolers are around, we literally have to squeeze it in. After our outside activity, before I start preparing lunch, we take 10 minutes to get a special snack, and cuddle on the couch with a book. No matter what she's doing, even if she's having a blast playing with her friends, if I ask if she wants to do "Mommy Jessica" time, she comes running happily yelling "Mommy Jessica Time! Mommy Jessica Time!"

Sometimes we do it again after her rest time, if I'm feeling like she's needing some special attention. And on the weekends I've been trying to do something a little different and for a longer time. She's even asked for it a few times. That just makes my mommy heart melt :)

We recently went to the library and picked up a kids cook book. During one of our "Mommy Jessica" times, we read it and then we picked out a recipe to cook. On Sunday we made a special trip to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients, then later that day we invited Grammy over to entertain Izzy while we got to cooking!

Here are the step by steps

First, get on matching aprons. And make sure that the baby has on a chef hat
(love how you can see how hard Jessica was laughing at this)

Find the cook book. Ours was "Keep on Rollin' Meatballs & other Delicious Dinners"

Find the recipe

We choose "Lazy Lasagna"

First, preheat the oven to 375

Then, pour about a cup & a half of spagitti sauce into a 9 x13 inch baking pan and spread

Then cover with 4 - 5 dry lasagna noodles (we used whole wheat)

Then cover with a layer of Ricotta cheese

Then cover with shredded mozarella cheese

Then, do it all over again

Jessica was so proud of herself- and I was proud of her! She did it practically all by herself :)

Put it in the oven to bake for 20 minutes, or until the cheese is bubbling.

Make sure little sister still has on her Chef Hat

Let it cool a bit before serving

We served it with some carrots (mommy was too tired to fix anything else!)

Oh, and of course, when eating it be sure to be wearing your fanciest Little Mermaid night gown :)

Monday, September 7, 2009


Wow, time is flying!!!

Can't believe my baby is four months :(

At four months Isabella

-hasn't grown much since last month. And it stressed her mommy out. Trying to figure out if its milk supply issues, or if she just hit her growing plateau (she IS The size of a 9 month old)

-about 19 pounds
-goes to bed at 5!!!! some nights earlier, some a little later.
-wakes up once or twice to eat at night
-Up for the day between 6 am and 7
-Takes 3 one hour naps. We need to work on that
-Just rolled over for the first time just a few days ago!
-Has the BIGGEST Smile for anyone and everyone who looks at her
-Drools a lot. A lot a lot
-Wears about 9 month clothing
-Isn't a heavy wetter or a big pooper. Makes washing diapers much easier for mommy :)
-Still rocking the cloth diapers, we love them :)
-Loves to be sitting up- and has sat for a whole 10 seconds by herself one
-Her favorite toy is her excersaucer
-She loves all her preschool friends
-She really loves her big sister, even when her sister gives her too tight hugs and bite mark kisses
-Sleeps in her mommy & daddy's room in her bassinet across the room. Not sure when she'll be transitioned to her crib- which means she would be sharing a room with big sister.....
-Sucks her thumb! Finally found something. She will also take a binky, the big green one you get at the hospital. But once it falls out, her finger pops in
-Doesn't nap with one, but still is swaddled around her waist and legs at night. Once she starts rolling all the time I'll stop swaddling at night
-Still has dark hair. Not much of it, though. Can't wait to see if its going to be strait or curly, blond or brown!
-Has gorgeous blue eyes
-Is so so so so so loved by her mommy, daddy and big sister, and anyone who mets her :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

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Friday, September 4, 2009

"I just colored in Red"........

Love the logic of a 2 1/2 year old
Because red doesn't stand out AT ALL
time to get out the magic eraser

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Holding myself Accountable..........

So far

6lbs lost (1lb a week, which is what is recomended when breastfeeding)
1.5 inches lost on my waist
1.5 inches lost on my tummy
(More small details, but thats the most exciting part)
Oh, and some shin splints. Not cool..........
Other than that thinks are pretty good

Check out my story here: