Monday, August 31, 2009

One of those weeks

You ever have one of those weeks. Where life is just insanly busy you barely have time to breath, let alone have any time for yourself of with your husband? That was my week last week. Pure insanity. Finally, FINALLY got to sit down and relax, just hubby and me, on Saturday night. But I was so exhausted from my whirlwind of a week that I just passed out on a couch.
Yeah, you know I was tired if I was in bed asleep on a weekend night before I get to bed on a week day. Yuck.
Its over. Have to have those weeks every once in awhile to make sure I'm staying on my toes ;)
And to appreciate when I do have the time to relax, to hang with hubby, to have me time.
Anywho, life is going to get a bit crazier, since Steve is back at work- but at a NEW school (I'll have to post that story another time) so he leaves before the girls even get up, and sometimes doesnt' get home until after Izzy goes to bed :( Granted, she does go to bed at 5, but still. Its a long day for him and me.
Plus, I'm back at school
Taking a class online.
We'll see how it goes
So yeah, just updating y'all on my insanity right now
Here's a picture I took for my blogging buddy Niki for her bday last week
She wanted everyone to wear pink for her bday
And I did
It wasn't too hard, there is kinda a lot of pink around here
The girls joined me
Happy Birthday Niki!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Being Your Mom means

I wrote most of these the end of July. Crazy how much has changed already!
i am always covered in spit up my favorite time is watching you wake up and stretch your chubby little arms
your smile melts my heart
watching your sister giggle and squeal over you and give you kisses melts my heart x2
i can see glimpses of myself in your face
my back always hurts
i get to listen to your sweet baby talking and coos and imagine what your voice will sound like when you begin to say words
i'm the one who has to make sure you are washed and clean between your rolls (including your cankle rolls!)
keeping up with your clothing size! its hard to be organized!

i'm imagining the woman that you will one day grow up to be, but wishing you would stay this precious baby girl forever.
could stare into your eyes all day
know that this is already going by too fast

love you, baby girl

Sunday, August 23, 2009

She FINALLY napped!

granted she had to be in a car, but still- a nap is a nap!

First one in a month! Girlfriend just does not sleep.

At least she usually sleeps 12 hours at night........

Saturday, August 22, 2009

There goes the neighborhood.......

Apparently the neighbors couldn't handle the blue roof anymore:

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Being a Mom is hard work

Not that I ever thought it would be easy. And I knew that there would be challenges I coudn't even imagine I'd face. But really, no matter what I have to go through, its all worth it and I love my little girls more than anything.
All that aside, man- it can be hard!
Izzy was really hard the first few months, but I handled it pretty well (if I do say so myself). She could have been a lot worse, and since I knew how fast it was going to fly by - and has it!- I wasn't stressing it. Jessica did pretty well with getting used to our new addition and was actually pretty easy (which was a first) so that helped a lot.
Then everything changed
Izzy is finally so much easier its ridiculous. RIDICULOUS. She's like a whole new baby. Lets almost anyone hold her, only gets up once at night, barely spits up anymore, and never really cries for no reason. Total 180.
But now Jessica has realized that her sister is here to stay and she now has to share the spotlight. She is still the center of our worlds, she's just not the only one. That, coupled with no longer taking naps (I've tried it all people! Honestly, this nap thing has really been going on since Christmas. So I guess I"m not that surprised), and her Dad going back to work. Its just hit the wall.
Last night was the tantrum of all tantrums. Over nothing. NOTHING. But I guess thats what tantrums really are, isn't it? She flipped out on me in the bathtub and went all Excorcist on me. She did the scream/yell she's only done one other time (when we put the gate up on her bedroom door so that she could no longer get out of bed 50 million times a night. She did it, drama for 15 minutes, then went to bed. And now stays in her bed everynight. Totally worth it). I swear her eyes roll back into her head and its like she's possessed. I was trying to not laugh at how ridiculous it was and trying to not cry at the same time. Finally got her calmed down, it was probably less than an hour, but I don't want that to happen. Ever. Again.
Sooooo I called up a behavioralist that I've worked with before. She's awesome. Amazing. I love her :) She works for the YMCA for this program thats free to anyone with children in any sort of child care situation ages 0 - 5. Yeah, I ain't to proud to ask for help!
She gave me some good tips, and pointed out some things that I didn't really think of. One of them is the time outs. Those really just don't work for her, and give her more attention, so basically reinforcing the bad behavior. So we're stopping that and just ignoring her behavior.
I'm also setting aside 10 minutes during the working day, when all the other kids are around, for "Mommy Jessica time." I did it today right after I put Izzy down for a nap and it was free play outside. We read a book and cuddled and sang some songs. It was nice :)

So anywho, I'm kinda rambling about all this. My point is that its hard being a parent. Little kids are just little people, and who really understands people? And I've said it a bazillion times, even though I take care of kids for a living, study and learn about in school, and have been doing it for a really long time- its so much harder when its your own!

I managed to make it to my yoga class after the tantrum. I was a few minutes late. But I'm so glad I went. A great de-stressor. And in the class the teacher told us to repeat this "mantra" in our heads

"I'm just doing the best that I can"
So true
I'm doing the best that I can.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pictures of Jessica at school over the past year

(for some reason I could only upload one collage. So thats 1/2 the year;) )


It has ben such an amazing experience being able to stay home with you- as your mom & as your preschool teacher. We are so lucky that I am able to still bring home an income and never have to put you into any childcare, or even preschool! I chose to open before we even got pregnant because I would be able to do what I love and stay home wiht my kids. What I didn't realize was how truly amazing it would be to watch you learn & grow with the other preschoolers. I am amazed everyday at the new things you say, the songs you sing, the dnaces you do, how you play with your friends, and everything that you learn. There have been a lot of ups and downs, but I would never trade any of it for the world. I love you princess, and I'm so proud of the smart girl that you are!



Mama :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Help me figure these out......

I get daily emails from Baby Steals. Its a website that has a "steal" a day on baby items. Some necessities, like the moby wrap or slings or diaper bags, but mostly just cute, frivilous things. Shoes, socks, blankets. And some things sell out right away. So, you kinda want to check the site as early as possible for the "steals."
Today the steal is for BabyLegs NotSox:

Basically, they're like leg warmers. And I just don't get it. They were SOLD OUT. With in an hour of being posted. Seriously, I just don't get the big thing with these. I guess they look cute on:

But really, how are the different than tights? Or leggings? I know they're super trendy and will be gone soon, but can someone please explain to me why they are so trendy now?

Thanks :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jessica at 2 1/2

(Jessica trying to show how old she is with her fingers)
So, Izzy's 3 month bday falls on Jessica two and a half bday! Apparently 8 is the number in this family :) Just like 17 was the number in my family (my brother Chris and I were both born on the 17th of our respective bday months. I alwasy thought that was cool, and now think its cool that my daugthers have the same thing!)

Jessica is quite the 2 year old!
She can spell her name, and can recognize a few letters
Can count to 20 pretty much strait, adn can count to 10 in spanish!
LOVES to sing, and I'm amazed at how quickly she picks up words to songs! She really just has to hear it once.
She does not nap anymore. I'm really really hoping its a phase, but this has been going on since before she turned 2 and was still in her crib! She still has quiet time though, and on the days she doesn't nap she'll go to bed at 7 and sleep till 7 or 8 the next am!
SHe's been taking
swim lessons and loves it, but still isn't too into putting her head under water
Had her first
big beach day where she played in the waves and really loved it
Has a bazillion best friends, she's a lucky gal
Loves to play tea party and dress up
She's quite girly
She changes her outfit at least once a day
Is 99% potty trained. But she likes to have pee pee accidents whe she's on a time out. Convient, no?
Still has to wear a pull up at night, but she did wake up one morning dry
Loves to look at books and have them read to her
Her favorite color is still pink
She loves The Little Mermaid, Dora, and all things princess.
Is a definite two year and loves to push bottons. Time out is a pretty regular activity for her =/
She has become a huge daddy's girl, especially since Izzy was born.
She is really shy
But once she opens up she LOVES being the center of attention
She's got a great sense of humor
She's in mostly 3T clothing, about 34 lbs
Drives everyone batty with the no napping induced temper tantrums for no reasons
But man, does she know how to justify things!
She's getting used to the Big Sister thing, and for the most part- I think she likes it ;)
One thing is for sure, her Mommy, Daddy and baby sister LOVE her so so much!

More pictures from the photo shoot attempt that failed:

At 3 months

(so the 3 month photo shoot did not go so well......)
Izzy is HUGE.
Trying to sit up, does not like laying down! she prefers tummy time over being on her back cause she can push up and do things!

Starting to grab toys

Really working on moving her arms. its pretty amusing to watch

Cooing all the time

Starting to laugh!

Gets the hiccups ever day

Super drooly! Like, she has to wear a bib to catch it all so her clothes don't get soaked drooly. Its awesome

Hair is thinning out, is it going to come in another color?

Has big blue eyes- Daddy calls them purple, or saphire eyes

Has a HUGE smile, and when she does that huge smile you can see the dimple in her left cheek

She also has a dimple in her chin

She gets those from her daddy

But she still pretty much looks like her mommy

Loves her big sister, smiles at her and watches her play. i can tell thats why she's growing so
much- she can't wait to join her!

Starting to let other people hold her besides mommy

Is wearing her all-in-one cloth diapers on the biggest size. at 3 months. this could be a problem....

Breastfed only- and only took like 2 ounces of breastmilk from a bottle once, when mommy and daddy went to a wedding

Is about 20 lbs. SOLID

Used to like using Mommy as a pacifier,but since we've moved her into her basisnet she is

FINALLY taking a binky when we lay her to sleep. This just started like 4 days ago.....

Sometimes her fingers work, too. Its the cutest thing to see her sucking her thumb when she's sleeping- just precious! I would love to take a picture but will NOT risk waking her up

Has been sleeping in her bassinet for the past week. Goes to bed around 6 and gets up between 2 and 5. She once went 10 hours, it was amazing!!!!!!!

Usually takes 3 one hour naps. One day she took one 3 1/2 hour and one 2 1/2 nap and mommy was very very happy. Wished it happened more often

In about 9 month clothing

Can raise one eyebrow (another thing she got from daddy! see, she is his! ;) )

Rocking the cloth diapers. our favs are the bum genius pocket dipes. all in ones are cool, too, but take soooooooo long to dry

Such a super happy baby (when mommy is holding you especially) and so glad that the colicky part is over

Mommy, Daddy and her big sister Jessica love you soooooooooooo much!
a few more pictures from the photo shoot. apparently I choose a time when she was uncharacteristcly (is that even a word?) fussy

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My favorite Wedding memories

So, to spare you all for solely lovey-dovey mushy stuff, here are a few of my favorite wedding memories:

the bridal party walking in to "Roadhouse Blues" by the Doors and us making our Grand Entrance to "Lets get it STarted" by Black Eyed Peas

My maid of honor getting mad that I didn't throw the boquet at her, when in fact I did- she was just too Inebriatedto realize it(the little girl behind her caught) and then her asking me to help her find her purse as I was leaving- luckily my mother in law saved the day, and helped her so i could go get my honeymoon on

My friend Amelia saying something incredibly inappropriate but oh so Amelia to my friend Patty's then boyfriend. Oh goodness, still makes me laugh

Steve's friend James telling my dad he was Steve's cousin as they did a little do si do

The flower girl hissing at the ring bearer "Jordan, get over here!" with her little 3 year old lisp as they walked down the isle

My friend kara spilling RED WINE on my dress during cocktail hour, but really not being that mad about. It was the happiest day of my life (at that time) and I wasn't going to let that ruin it

My grandma taking a shot of tequila with bobaleen! (still not 100% sure if i believe that)

Our first dance to Better Together by Jack Johnson. We did a Rhumba.

The guest "book" was actually little squares of fabric that my mom made into a quilt for us
We also had them sign a frame, and its hanging in our bedroom

My veil getting caught as i turned down the isle and Bob yelling "surprise!" and it made Steve roll his eyes and smile- I think it made him less nervous

The birth of Rasputin- the mans' dance

All the guys really getting into the garter toss. Rob did a Michael Jordan jump and caught it. We later explained what catching the garter meant. All garter tosses since have been much less exciting......

My dad telling me a super corney joke so I wouldn't be nervous

Being soososososos excited and nervous, but it being the most absolute perfect day of my life :)

Can't believe its already been four years since that day!
Two beautiful baby girls later ;)
Super excited- tonight Steve and I are going on our first date night
Since Izzy was born! WOO HOOO!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy Anniversary Steve!

I cannot believe that we've been married for FOUR years

its been an amazing journey

it hasn't always been easy

we've had quite the rollercoaster of ups and downs and all arounds

this last year has been really crazy

new job, new baby, life

but its really made us stronger

with everything we've been through, espeically the birth of our second daughter, i am shown how i have found the perfect partner for me

We balance each other out

We support one another

We push each other to be our bests

We bring out our best, and sometimes even our worst

He knows me better than anyone ever has or even could

I love him with all my heart, and am so thankful for the two most beautiful babies he has given to me

It gets getting better every year

I can't wait to see how our relationship grows

I love you Steve!

Breast Feeding Mama- Part II

In honor of World Breast Feeding Week (thanks Em!) I decided I should do a post on nursing Izzy. Now, I understand that some people aren't all about breastfeeding, or even if they are, they don't think woman should flaunt it in public. I disagree, but I am respectful of other people when out and about (love my hooter hider!). And I do understand that our society sends mixed signals about it and why people could be uncomfortable. So- if you are uncomfortable with nursing/breastfeeding pics, don't read further. But please, no negative comments. This is my blog, so if you don't like it you can leave :) Again, not wanting to offend anyone, just wanting to jot down the memories of this special time and bond I have right now with Isabella.

I had quite the ride nursing Jessica. You can read about it here (you have to scroll down a bit)
Luckily, its been much MUCH easier with Izzy. She nursed, and actually latched on, with in a half hour of being born:

Isabella nursing for the first time

We had a little hiccup since she had to go to the NICU. They didn't want Izzy to nurse for a few hours because they didn't want her to inhale the milk into her lungs. I had to pump, and yeah- talk about depressing a woman! Now I understand why its so hard for woman with babies in the NICU to keep nursing, its so hard when absolutely nothing comes out but just a teeny tiny bit of colustrom- not even enough to get into at bottle. Luckily I only had to do that once, I came in and nursed Izzy all the other times

Nursing Izzy in the NICU

Anyways, then we had to use tubes taped to my boob that we pushed some formula through to get Izzy to nurse and get food (since she was so big she was also soooo hungry!). Luckily we were able to stop that with in a day of coming home.

Once home it only took about a week before her latch was so good I was able to nurse laying down- and get some sleep!

She did a lot of nursing/cluster feeding the first few weeks. And basically used me as a pacifier.

Now she's finally not living on my boob! And we both have nursing down pat ;)

A few of my other nursing pictures

The next 2 pictures were taken by my friend Carol
Izzy nursing at 1 week old

My view. This picture breaks my heart- she was so little then!

Isabella's favorite place to sleep

Getting used to nursing a baby and entertaining a toddler

Wearing Izzy, and nursing her at the same time!

Out with the family at the

Nursing Izzy

My view now:

Yep, she's a breast fed baby through and through!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekend Highlights

We had a pretty mellow, low key weekend. Just the kind I love :) Thought I share a few of my favorite shots

We celebrated both of Steve's parents bday's on Saturday night. So I had the girls where their matching watermellon dresses
Yeah, Izzy is starting to go bald.........
Jessica would not pose for a picture
FINALLY got her to kinda pose:

love Izzy's expression
We made an awesome dinner, starting with Caprese poppers (don't you love the name I made?) All ingredients fresh from the garden, except for the mozarella balls of course
I also made a zuchinni pineapple cake with cream cheese frosting- AH MA ZING! Found it on the Pioneer Woman's website. Click here to see the recipie.

Sunday we went up to the park. Put Izzy in some stylish shorts

It was Izzy's first trip to the park! So of course, had to put her in the swing. These pictures just crack me up

Do you notice the big wet spot on her shirt? Yeah, its from her drool. That is a LOT of drool...

Jessica LOVES the swing

Daddy and his two girls at the park

This picture just cracks me up! You can see her drooling, and her expression is saying "Seriously mom? A picture now?"

Don't you love Jessica's hot shorts? And how the one strap is falling off her shoulder? She was explaining something to us about her purse, she filled it full of random not really park appropriate. Whatevs. She was taking it out to share with another little girl who was there- it was really sweet. Not something I'm used to with Jessica.....

When we got back from the park, Izzy took a short nap, then Daddy read them a story

Izzy has also been enjoying her new excersaucer toy. She LOVES it! Jessica also loves it, and we have to constantly remind her that its Izzy's and to play gentle. Here she is doing ring around the rosie, pulling Izzy around in a circle (the seat spins). She was actually being gentle and sweet!

We decided to try Izzy in the big bath with her sister. Since Jessica did not nap alllllll weekend, we knew it was going to be a early bedtime for her. So, we decided that they could try bathtime together! The first of many, many baths together I'm sure ;)

Izzy liked it. She wasn't sure at first, but once she realized it was water she was happy :)

I love love loooooooooooooove mellow weekends that don't feel jam packed, and I get to spend lots of quality time with my hubby and my girls :)