Thursday, October 8, 2009

5 Months

I can't believe Izzy is already 5 months old!!!!

At 5 months Izzy

is lovving sitting. Sometimes for a few minutes! Other times a few seconds ;) Depends on her diaper
she sucks both thumbs. shes not picky. half way through she'll switch sides. its pretty amusing to watch

she cuddles- mostly when sucking her thumb

she's starting to scoot- pulling herself around

loves to growl. at people. its hilarious

she is still a mamas girl! i'm cherishing it though- i know before i know it she'll be a daddy's girl
finally sleeping at night!!!! goes to bed usually around 5, wakes up around 3 to eat, then stays asleep until 7!!! now THATS what i'm talking about!
she's thinning out, and it makes me sad :(

she loves to grabs faces

she dives to me when someone else is holding her and i come to grab her
she does the HUGE muppet smile that i love love love

she does not nap. usually 3 1/2 hour naps a day. sometimes they'll be longer, but very very very rarely
her little personality is starting to come through
we're all loving her so so much!

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  1. the first picture is beautiful. she looks like her mama! you take really good photos. wow.. she's about the size of the bear! how cute:)