Monday, October 31, 2011


Some Halloween pictures:
Jessica working hard on her jack o lantern design
Helping clean out the pumpkins! This lasted all of 2 seconds.....

My girls are such posers.  Wonder where they get that from?
Notice how to Jessica's had eyelashes......

Izzy's final product. It's a sad one, it even has a tear :(
Before trick-or-treating, the girls were so distracted watching the other kids in costumes. It was near impossible to get a good picture.  Actually it WAS impossible.  But these will do :)  Notice them wearing their first home-made costumes ever (and their mommy's first time making a skirt EVER.  And you can tell....)

As per our tradition, we went trick-or-treating with Jessica's BFF Naima and in their neighborhood.  Much more happening then our dead end street (that also has a HUGE hill we're thinking deters a lot of the crowds)

I was a fairy with them! Jess was a pink fairy, Izzy a blue fairy and I was the purple fairy (in case you couldn't tell)

Daddy was a punk rocker.  But are mustaches really all that punk?

Always with the thumb in her mouth and finger up her nose..... le sigh, at least she's only 2!

Papa arrived for a visit just after we finished making our rounds.  The girls were so excited to show him the loot!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

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