Wednesday, February 29, 2012

At 5 years old.....

Miss Jessica Kathryn is

in the 90th percentile for height and weight
Loves to read/look at books, do art, and watch her shows
Has long blond hair that she's growing out, and plans to cut right before kindergarten to donate to locks of love
Big beautiful blue eyes and her daddy's long, dark eyelashes
starting to read! As exciting as that is, I also find it kind of sad that soon she won't need me to read bedtime stories to her :(
Her favorite foods are any and all snacks, or anything sweet- but she's actually a really great eater. She regularly chooses beet salad for dinner when its her choice!
She puts the silverware away in the morning and wipes down the table after dinner
She loves to crack up, and tells jokes that crack herself up on a regular basis
She plays really well with her sister, until she doesn't....
She is loving ballet class, and claims that she loved soccer but we're not so sure about that...
She is getting so excited to go to kindergarten in the fall (mommy can't believe it!)
And is super duper excited to become a big sister again. She goes back and forth with what she wants it to be, but either way she says she will help change diapers (except poppy ones)
She's smart, funny, thoughtfuly, a wonderful friend, the bestest daughter and big sister and we cannot believe its already been 5 years! Mommy, Daddy, Izzy and MC baby love you so so very much Miss Jessie K!
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