Sunday, October 7, 2012

Charlie is One Month Old!

At one month, Charlie:
Is 22 inches long and about 10 pounds
Sleeps all the time, but doesn't do long strethes. 4 hours one time, but usually 2 - 3 hours max
Loves his binkie
Has super duper blond hair
Blue eyes
And a cute smile he is just starting to show us
Took a bottle for the first time yesterday and mommy got to go to the gym!
Wants to be held all the time- we all love the ergo carrier
Big sisters are basically his other mommies, they love helping out!
Has been in cloth diapers during the day since week 3
isn't much of a napper
and not an impressive pooper
but pretty easy going as long as he's being held
So, so loved by his mommy, daddy & big sisters!

Izzy wanted the bear in the picture, too- love Charlie's expression!

Love his Halloween get-up! 

And of course his sisters had to be in the picture, too!
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