Saturday, November 10, 2012

Charlie is 2 months old!!!

Cannot believe how fast these 2 months have flown by!
At 2 months, Little Dude is:
23 inches tall (50%)
Only 10.10, and the doctor would like to see his weight gain improve
He was going up to 7 hours between feedings at night (only if he was sleeping on my bed), but now I have to wake him every 4 hours to each
Luckily if I put him in his bassinet he's up every 2 :)
Holds his head up really high when on tummy time
Rolled over the DAY after he turned 2 months!
Smiles and coos and talks to anyone who looks at him
Loves to be worn and carried
Mostly naps on mama in the woven wrap
Occasionally naps in the swing
Wears cloth diaper 90% of the time
Still in 0 - 3 months clothes, but out of newborn!
Is finally waking up- and when he's up, he's super alert!
Loves his big sisters, even though they can (sometimes) be a little rough with him...
Dealing with an annoying case of thrush right now
Always has big smiles for mommy
Is the sweetest little boy in the world, and so loved by his mommy, daddy & big sisters!
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