Tuesday, September 29, 2009

28 reasons I heart the birthday Boy

I love the 'stache. I truly do. Its manly

I love that he watches Law & Order SVU with me, and whenever Ice T's character does something hardcore, we both yell out "ICE T!!!!!" Yep, we're nerds

I love that he's a teacher. And a darn good one at that

I love that he fishes

and is an AWESOME gardener

I love that he takes care of me and the girls

I love that he's now SURROUNDED by females. This is the same dude who can't stand to be around me and too many of my girlfriends at once. Ha, the teen years are going to be awesome!

I love that he surfs

I love his blue-used to be green until he turned 17ish and then turned blue (true story)- eyes

I love his big laugh and goofy, sometimes weird, sense of humor

I love that he is tall and makes me feel small, even when I'm rockin the huge-just-had-a-baby mama body

I love that he supports me in everything and anything I do

Even if he teases me about it sometimes

I love that our daughters have him wrapped around their little fingers

I love that he eats pretty much everything I make, and says its good

I love that he wants to spend time with me

I love that he has so many interests and hobbies

And, I love that they aren't all the same as mine (makes for interesting convos)

I love that his family is so important to him

I love that I can trust him

I love how he still laughs at the Simpsons reruns, even though he's seen like all the episodes

I love when he wears his glasses

I love how he does his own thing, not caring what others think or do

I love that he's 6 months younger than me

I love how he makes me talk when I'm being stubborn

I love how patient he is, with everything

I love that he never yells, or really even raise his voice

I love when he comes home early from work

I love how we randomly bust out into dance parties, the only music being the songs we're singing

I love that he's mine :)


  1. Well aint that CUTE!!! Ya you both are nerds.. but cute ones!LOL. That's awsome how he supports everything you do. I didn't know he was younger than u. Happy Birthday Steve!!!

  2. That's so sweet KAt, hey it's Bill's b-day too today!

  3. So sweet Kat, sounds like you got a good catch! ;)

  4. That just made me tear up. What a lovely couple! My man is 11 months younger than me...a 1982 birthday on the same day as yours (just a year later)!

  5. So sweet! Cut and paste that onto a scrapbook page!! ;) Tell him Libra's and those born on 9.29 rule. :)