Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Un-Glamorous Side of Motherhood

When I had Jessica, I felt like there was soooooo many things that people forget to tell you. Like how your nipples will probably be really sore, like that you will be STARVING if you're nursing, how you will be sore, like it hurts to sit sore, you get my point. I decided to make a basket of all those things that you end up needing but no one tells you to get, for my friends who had babies. I've finally had a whole slew of them and have been giving out these baskets. Thought I would share with y'all what I gave to them and why :)
(but if you're a friend of mine and will most likely recieve this, don't read if you want it to be a surprise!)
and feel free to do this for your friends- just be sure you don't claim the idea as yours ;)
The “Welcome to the Un-Glamorous Side of Motherhood (that everyone forgets to tell you about) Basket”

Kotex pads
. They’re the best ones to use. And you will need them. Sometimes for 4 – 6 (or even 8) weeks after the baby is born.
Cheap underwear. Because you don’t want to wear cute anything when you have a newborn. Save your cute panties for when you’re ready to make baby # 2 (ha!)
Hemorrhoidal pads. Cause you may get hemorrhoids from PUSHING OUT AN 8 POUND BABY. And even if you don’t. You will be sore. For awhile. Use them, they feel good. And don’t be afraid to use whatever pain medicine your doctor told you to take.
Nursing Tank Top. So you don’t have to show your just-had-a-baby-tummy to the whole world as you are already flashing your boob to them when nursing your baby. (The best ones are from target, they run really small, but they’re the most comfy and best on your pocketbook). You will live in them ;)
Lanolin. To rub on your cracked, sore, maybe even bleeding nipples. Cause breastfeeding can be hard at first. It is natural, but not instinctual. Lanolin saves the day. And don’t worry- It gets sooooooooo much easier and it is so worth it!
Nursing Pads. Cause your boobs will leak. At the most embarrassing times. It’s awesome. This too will get easier.
Luna Bar. You’ll be hungry- hungrier than when you were pregnant. Eat and Enjoy!
Water Bottle. Because more than being hungry, you will be sooooo THIRSTY. This bottle is awesome cause you only need one hand to open it. Don’t leave anywhere with out your water bottle. And drink lots- it will help your milk supply
Tide-to-go. Once you’re a mom it’s impossible to stay spot less. Whether from the baby’s spit up or poop, or from dropping food on your self while trying to eat while nursing/rocking/just holding a baby, it’s going to happen. Stick this in your diaper bag, it works wonders
Hand Sanitizer. For all those people who are dying to hold your baby with their dirty, germy hands. Put one out before visitors, they’ll take the hint
HOOTER HIDER. Cause you have to feed the baby, and some people don’t’ want to see boobs in public. Their bad, not yours, but might as well hide it so that no one is uncomfortable
Wipes & Dipes carrier. Stick this in your car. Cause one day, you’ll have a dirty diaper, and you left the diaper bag at home. You’ll be very happy to have this J
Starbucks. Cause you’ll be tired. Cause the baby wakes up A LOT during the night. And you’ll need the caffeine (check with your Dr, but really, all moms do it ;) )

Most importantly though, ENJOY it. All jokes aside, it really is a miracle. It’s going to seem overwhelming and tiring at first, but before you know it your baby will be running around and talking your ear off. Enjoy those precious first few months when your baby is little and perfect, don’t worry about laundry, cooking, cleaning. Don’t be afraid to ask for help with anything and everything. This is a very important time for you and your baby. Savor every moment.
So far I've been told that it has been helpful :)


  1. Yes, yes, yes! These are nuggets I've been sharing with my non-mother girlfriends over the past two years as well. And they all say that it scares them a bit, but it is good to have the truth up front. I LOVE the nursing tanks from Target too and just ordered the wine, red and graphite ones on-line for when baby #2 comes because they only have white, black and gray in the stores. Those are all I wore for months : )

  2. Girl you are so CREATIVE it's not funny! Who ever gets one of these baskets will really be appreciative! That is an awsome idea and very thoughtful cause usually people give you stuff for the babie and forget about the mommy. Great Idea!

  3. good to know :) Have you ever seen Motherhood is not for Wimps? It's a book, and a blog ( She is AWESOME, and writes just about these kinds of things. Her writing made me feel like I can do it (which I am, btw -- 14 weeks!).