Wednesday, December 9, 2009

7 months

I cannot believe Izzy is 7 months old now!

(pictures will be posted one day. stupid computer problems)

Isabella Johanna, at 7 months is:

mobile! she is scooting, and she thinks she can crawl.

She's trying to pull herself up on everything

FINALLY getting some hair. Looks brown, and strait

I can see 2 teeth sooooooooooo close to breaking through!

Her naps are finally stretching out- at least an hour, usually two.

2 or 3 naps a day

Has been eating solids for over a month- and she loves them all!

Loves fruit- apples, pears, bananas

Loves veggies- carrots, peas, sweet potatoes, butternutsquash, pumpkin, avacado

Loves protein- tofu, chicken, turkey

Girlfriend loves to eat :)

Looks like she's chunking up again

Wearing 12 month clothing

Her face lights up when she sees her big sister

Is already a total Daddy's girl

And is almost always attached to mommy

Still gets up at least twice a night. Mommy is slowly going insane due to no sleep.......

She loves to practice yelling, and will scream at mommy when she puts her down

She's such a joy and is growing up too fast. Mommy, Daddy, big sister Jessica love her so much!


  1. Joya doesn't like it when I put her down either! Must be a 2nd baby thing. I would love to see our two babies next to one another.. Joya is still in 3-6 month stuff! And how do you feed her chicken? Is there a certain baby brand you use or do you grind it up yourself?

  2. darcy- i put the chicken in the crock pot all day with some chicken stock or water, so it gets really soft- then i throw it in the blender with the liquids and puree it up. i then freeze it in ice cube trays. it looks so gross, but izzy eats it!