Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays from the Posts

Parenthood is an exciting and challenging occupation to be sure, especially with our two little drama queens that we love so much. I still sometimes hear the old “the second one is easier” or “its easier with two” sayings from people on the outside looking in, and usually I just sigh and shrug because I am tired and its easier than explaining how many times the girls were up last night. Sleep has become a priceless luxury for Kat and I recently, but no matter what comes along we love our girls and enjoy every moment with them (during the daytime).
Isabella Johanna Post joined our family on May 8th this year after another healthy and natural birth that Kat choreographed like a seasoned veteran. I think I actually saw Kat updating her Facebook status in between contractions just to let everyone know Izzy was on her way into the world. No actually that didn’t happen, I am over exaggerating the joy of meeting our second daughter on that memorable afternoon. Any way I tell the story the event was nearly all positive and satisfying, save for the few hours Izzy spent in the NICU with a great staff of very cautious doctors and nurses who were worried about her elevated breathing rate shortly after birth. All was well after some helpful monitoring and guidance getting Izzy her first few meals, and we were thrilled to bring home our 9 pound 13 ounce baby girl to meet and immediately spit up on her big sister.
Jessica loves being a big sister, a big girl, and a big turkey every chance she gets. Jessica loves to sit, hug, pull, and squeeze Izzy whenever she gets a free moment, and is even teaching her how to tackle and do booty bumps. Actually Jessica gets to practice tackling me a lot more often, and her latest technique is a screaming giggle combined with the running head-butt to the chest. But she is not just a one dimensional trouble maker, Jessica has grown to really love books and stories, she has great conversations and explanations, she swims, she dances, she does it all. We love our big girl and are sad to see her grow up so fast, but every day is new and exciting with Jessica and she is a sweetheart who always makes the headaches worthwhile.
The Shuckleberries kids call her Ms. Kat, Jessica calls her Moms, I call her Super-Mom, no matter how you say it the job she does is amazing. Kat has continued to make Shuckleberries Preschool a thrilling high-flying childcare circus, even if she has far too many little clowns trying to open the lion’s cage. She has hired a good staff of assistant teachers, which helps her focus on quality curriculum and make sure she maintains a life of her own. Kat has started running regularly in addition to her normal fitness routine, and even ran in her first 5K Turkey Trot in Oceanside on Thanksgiving this year. She is lined up to run in a 10K early next year and continues to wake up earlier than me just to go run, and if you know how much Kat values her sleep, that’s pretty much nuts.
If Kat is out running, that probably means I am home with the girls keeping the peace and making sure they are well fed. Kat will come in the door, we hand off the parent baton, and I run out the door for my personal sanity time. When I get my moments of freedom I make sure to get to the beach and surf whenever possible, get on a boat and leave the sight of land to go fishing for a weekend, or just get my ass kicked in my martial arts class. I need a good stress relief from the daily routine, but I am happy to say I am really enjoying teaching at brand new Mission Vista High School now that all our planning and preparation have become a dynamic new school. Being a part of the founding faculty of a high school has been a unique and challenging opportunity, but the students are great and teaching biology is very satisfying for me. I am happy to go to work each day, but I am much more happy to come home to a great family, and Kat and I are thrilled thinking of all the fun things we have to look forward to with our girls, and enjoy every moment we have together…no matter what time day or night.
Peace, joy, and a happy new year,
Steve, Kat, Jessica, and Isabella


  1. What a beautiful, eloquent post from the husband! Merry Christmas to the Posts! I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday and an even better new year. Kat, you are truly an inspiration to moms everywhere.

  2. I didn't know there was chicken in this soup!

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!