Monday, February 8, 2010

Jessica Kathryn is 3 years old!!!!!!!!

I cannot believe she is already 3 years old!!!!

Is a BIG sister!

she can ride her trike

spell her whole name, and write J and E, as well as a handful of other random letters

count by 10's to 100, or strait to 30!

sing any song she's heard at least once

goes to dance class

has alllllll her teeth

favorite color is pink

loves being a big sister!

has so many fun friends at school- her bests are Claire, Naima, Jaydan and Blake. And all the other kids :)

Loves listening to books

DOES NOT NAP (and hasn't since about 2 1/2)

Goes to bed at 6:30 and wakes up between 6 and 6:30

Is an observer

ANd also a drama queen

Likes her hair short

Weighs about 38 lbs

Not sure how tall

Is in a big girl booster seat! (with the 5 part harness still)

Loves to wear dresses, play dress up, wear heels, put on "lipstick" (chapstick) and just recently discovered nail polish.........

Talks so well, is actually quite articulate. Likes to explain everything

Can be a bit bossy......

LOVES Disney princess movies, and still watches Dora & Diego

Is such a big, big girl now, and she makes her mommy, daddy and baby sister so so proud!

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  1. Wow she is big. Her birthday looked very cute. I like the tea party cake!