Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tea Party Time!

Wearing your pretty dress, fancy shoes, and pearl necklace
- Your laughter & squeals of happiness as you drank apple juice tea and your daddy called you and your friends "ma'am & sir"
- how your face light up when we sang you happy birthday. One of the most precious moments I have ever experienced
- You blew your candles out like a champ- as if you'd been doing it your whole life. In reality it was the first time you ever did it
- how you said "don't start with out me!" when we made you go potty before opening presents. You didn't quite get that you were the only one who was opening presents
- When I tucked you into bed that night and asked you what your favorite part was, you said "when everyone sang happy birthday"

so, so sweet. I think it was your best birthday party yet!

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  1. TOOO CUTE!! and so funny.. I was thinking about doing a princess tea party for Moriyahs b- day in March. I wanna see more pictures!!!! Jessica is so adorable. I love the last picture and how daddy was dressed nice too. I hope to come out soon and visit with you all. God Bless you!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Jessica!!! Kat this is the cutest!

  3. Okay.. this is SUCH a cute idea! And I love that daddy wore a tie. I bet your hubby and my hubby would be friends! They both love their little ladies!!!