Monday, March 8, 2010

Isabella Johanna is 10 months old!

At 10 months Izzy J..........

is growing way too fast!

she is about 22 pounds

wearing 12-18 month clothing

cruising the furniture and occasionally standing on her own (though this freaks her out a bit...)

now prefers crawling over the army crawl

still has 2 teeth, but I swear I see like 4 others wanting to push through!

has been on antibiotics twice now :( once for a skin infection in her diaper area (poor baby!) and once for a double ear infection/brochioli. I KNOW! all in the past month! AND TEETHING! (poor poor baby!)

Still does the same baby signs of "So BIG", "all done," waves bye bye *she's gotten real good at that one* and is starting to do "more"

Eats anything and everything that we give her, as long as she's feeding it to herself! She loves avacados (not guacamole), bananas, ezekial bread..........and pretty much everything else :)

Still nursing, but not so much for food, more for comfort

Goes to bed between 5 and 6:30, usually 6:30

Wakes up between 6:30 and 7:30

Some nights does the whole thing with out getting up

but thats rare

She's a turd that won't pick a nighttime schedule and stick with it!

Takes one to two naps a day, ranging from 45 minutes to over three hours! (those are my favorite)

Is going to be a biter. I already know. She has actually tried to bite her sister- and not in a "i'm a baby and figuring out this whole teeth situation" way, but in a "my sister is annoying me and i'm going to bite her!" kind of way. Awesome.

Is such a show off

Loves to be the center of attention

TOTAL mama's girl, but does love her daddy!

Makes the funniest faces

Is such a precious little girl and we all love her so, so much!!!!

She really does need to slow down, I'm not ready for a walker!


  1. just caught up on all your happenings. =) Can't belive you already have a garden started! That is crazy! that show off thing must be a 2nd child thing.. Joya is the same way! and I can't get over how early she goes to bed! WOAH!!

  2. gosh that time went quickly!!! soon it will be a year!!!

  3. Her and McK can share clothes now.