Sunday, March 21, 2010


03-12-10: Water the garden w/Daddy aka Mr. Steve
03-13-10: Great Moustaches Mug
03-14-10: Watching "bideos" on the computer with daddy!
03-15-10: Daddy's home!
03-16-10: Jessica the pill bug catcher
03-17-10: St. Patricks day green!
03-18-10: Box Trains- & paint in the hair
03-19-10: Homemade pizza!
03-20-10: Weekend fieldtrip to ride the Sprinter


  1. i just can't get over how big jessica has gotten!! it makes me so sad that i don't even know how she talks anymore! :( ha. but she seriously has like big girl flare jeans, total facial expressions as an older girl, and just looks so big next to izzy. ps love her in the pic with steve with the hoodie! love checkin in on your family! Miss you all! yay for august :):) britta

  2. I just made that same pizza a couple weeks ago! Izzy is sooooooooooooo beautiful. I dont know who she looks like but she is gorgeous!!! Her eyes are so beautiful.