Monday, April 19, 2010

I am 29

I have to say, I think I have changed the most in the last year, then most of the years combined in my 20's.
I now wake up, ON PURPOSE, before 6 am at least 4 days a week
Before 5 am at least 2 days a week!
I just started- about a week before my bday- a gluten free/dairy free diet (um, say WHAT?)
I only drink wine maybe once a week (another say WHAT????)
oh, and I can run for over an hour!! I have never run longer than 20 minutes in my life, never longer than 2.5 miles. I now run 6 miles every Thursday, and longer on Saturdays. I have gotten my fastest mile down to my highschool best (that I can remember) 7:45
I have run in two 5k races, have my first 10k on May 8th, and my first 1/2 marathon this June!
I also have finally am finishing up a degree- my AA in General Studies with a focus on Human Development
I also got my Preschool Teacher Permit from the state of California
Not to mention gave birth to my second daughter on May 8th, 2009.
Yep, a lot has gone on.
So, as I like to do every year, my list:

I am
a Mother
a Wife
a daughter
a sister
a lover of wine
a lover of cheese (but no longer eating it :( )
a runner!
a scrapbooker
a lover of photography (and finally figuring out how to work my DSLR!)
a Friend
a teacher
a business owner
all of the sudden a morning person???
a reader and lover of all books
a wanna-be yogi
finally feeling like an adult- and excited to see what is going to become of me in the last year in my 20's!
Next year, Dirty 30!!!!

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  1. Kat you are amazing! What an incredible list of accomplishments. Here's to your 29th year! Oh and clearly we have to find more occasions to drink wine! KRAP club must be called to order!

  2. I hate I missed the birthday party, but we'll have to have wine and scrapbook sometime or let the kids have a playdate.