Sunday, April 25, 2010

I've been taking the pictures!

So, I HAVE been keeping up with taking my picturers of the day- just haven't been keeping up with posting them! NEVER AGAIN will I let that happen, what a pain in the rear.
Anyways, trying to upload a months worth of pictures was not fun. They are not in order, and there are quite a few duplicates of ones I've already posted. I'm sure I also didn't post some. But I learned my lesson and will not do it again :)
Sorry for the repeat:03-15-10: Daddy's home!
04-25-10: Lunch at Mr. Tacos!

04-24-10: Grocery shopping w/2 girls

04-10-10: Izzy's 1st bday Invites!
04-12-10: Love the baby doll hanging out.

04-11-10: SB Weekend fieldtrip to MIramar. Just mommy & Jessica

04-15-10: Thursday laundry: our darks, jessica sheets, izzy diapers, 2 loads for SB.....
04-14-10: Big Girl Jessica using a knife to cut her "circle" eggs
04-13-10: Playing outside

04-22-10: Earth Day!
04-21-10: "winter storm"

04-20-10: Izzy found some munchies
04-19-10: Izzy loves riding her trike!

04-18-10: Izzy eating a lemon

04-09-10: Play date with Baby Kyle

04-03-10: Elias' first birthday padres themed party

another repeat, i think:03-14-10: Watching "bideos" on the computer with daddy!

04-04-10: Easter Sunday

04-08-10: Making gluten free cookies for mommy's new diet
04-07-10: WAP to visit the butterflies. One landed on Izzy!

04-06-10: Steve got some serious yard work done!

04-05-10: ORGANIZING on our first day of spring break! (some break)

04-02-10: dying easter eggs

03-26-10: Izzy J. Standing all on her own!!!! In some funky tye-dyed pants
04-01-10: Look how messy the floor gets!

04-17-10: Happy Birthday to me!!!!! (signature Izzy shot)03-31-10: Mr. Steve teaching gardening to the SB kids

03-25-10: Fieldtrip to ride the train at Old Poway Park

03-24-10: Our 2nd CSA box of produce from JR Organics

03-23-10: US Census time- first time participating!
03-30-10: Izzy feeding herself
04-16-10: PA friends come to visit for my bday weekend!
03-29-10 Izzy taking steps!!!!
03-22-10: First loaf of bread mommy ever made!
03-28-10: Jessica got to have a chocolate covered strawberry for breakfast


  1. the 1st birthday invites are SO CUTE!!!!

  2. YAH!! I've been waiting for pictures. I'm like addicted to seeing picture of you girls! lol UMM.. So many pictures. If I can remember I love the census form picture, Izzys first step, and her feeding herself.. how cute! THe Easter pic! Well I guess I like allof them. Jessica is going to be a seriuos cook some day!!!