Wednesday, August 11, 2010

15 Months

At 15 Months old (why does it go by so fast????) Miss Isabella J. Post is:
29lbs, 32 inches (95% and 75%)
Has 8 teeth
Is finally sleeping in her crib & sharing a room with her big sister Jessica
Stopped nursing at 13 months :(
LOVES her thumb
Has 5 baby signs: all done, more, please, eat, thank you. All of which she only uses when she wants. Her favorite is eat, please, & more
Says a few words, sometimes: Dada, Jeje (for Jessica), Quack for a duck (along with arm flapping!), mama, and water- which she says with a french accent
Loves loves loves blueberries, and most fruit
Eats pretty well for a toddler
Is EXTREMELY stubborn
and really great at throwing tantrums
Isn't the biggest fan of traveling, especially on planes
But has already traveled as far as Iowa
Has the most beautiful blue, almond shaped eyes
Is a big showoff- and really not very shy
Loves to cuddle and give hugs
Loves her friends and her big sister
Is one tough cookie.
Her mama, daddy & big sister, and anyone who meets her- love her soooo much!

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