Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sister Love

I am loving watching Izzy follow her big sister around.
Maybe its because I never had a sister, and I was the oldest
Its all new to me.
And its so awesome
Izzy wants to do anything and everything that big sister does
From playing with certain toys, to helping with the dishes.
I know that I will sound like a broken record when they are older and fighting and I still tell them
"I never had a sister- you're so lucky that you do"
And I know there will be times where they are not going to get along, far from it
But I am hoping they will grow up to be best of friends
Sisters that I see so many of my friends have, that I didn't get to experience
I am loving living vicariously through them :)
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  1. That is an awesome picture. You're photography is really good.