Friday, September 24, 2010

Today You

Today you woke up at 6:45, giggling as you surprised mommy in her bathroom

Today you had toast with peanut butter AND jelly, cut into little triangles for breakfast. And some cantalope slices. And some of mommy's "chocolate smoothie"

Today with your friends at school, you made cookies, played pirates & princesses, sang happy birthday to your friends, and actually didn't have much drama

Today you waited patiently for Mommy Jessica time, when you got to eat a cliff bar & read two books with mommy

Today you wrestled with your sister on more than one occasion

Today you are 3 1/2- don't forget the 1/2!

Today you posed for a mini photoshoot for mommy (see below)

Today you wore your hair in two piggy buns like when you were little, and you announced you looked like Kai-Lan

Today you are a sass-a-frass big girl

Today you made your mommy smile and laugh and feel so, so proud of the little girl you are
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  1. Love the photos...her hair is too cute! And your post is sweet. I just believe how fast the time goes by...can't believe she is 3.5!

  2. Again.. wish we lived closer! I think Adie and Jessica would be great friends. =)