Monday, January 3, 2011

How Cute!

I have always had trouble organizing my girls clippys and headbands and bows and flowers and and and
It was just a big mess in their bathroom.
I wanted to get crafty and make them a fun clippy holder, but I didn't have the time or the creative energy to do anything..... and I didn't want to just buy one that some one I didn't know made.
Then, via facebook, I saw the cutest little cuckoo clock that my cousin in Canada, Danya, made for her baby to be. I shot her a message and asked if she'd be interested in making one for me- I'd pay whatever she wanted!
She said of course, and she whipped one up for my girlies in time for Christmas!
I think it looks adorable hanging in their bathroom:

I have their headbands in the pink basket, and then their jewlery and smaller clippy's in the princess jewelry organizer Jessica got a few years ago.  Hair ties are in a drawer in the bathroom.  I'm pretty stoked- Thanks Danya!
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