Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our new hobby

Bike Riding!
Steve used to bike to work & school when we lived in Santa Barbara.  And when we moved down to San Marcos, he got me a mountain bike for my bday.  Too bad I'm terrified of actually biking in the mountains, or on any trail that isn't totally flat......... didnt' get a chance to get into it because I got pregnant with Miss Jessica.  
So, since I have been running so much recently, and biking is supposed to be great for cross training, we dusted off our bikes and started going on "Bike Dates" on Sundays.  So much fun! I love having something so fun in common with my hubby.

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  1. that's awesome. It's always nice to have something fun in common with your husband. We love to watch gardening and home make overs so when we get a house I hope we will be gardening together. We cook new dishes together and he's about to start going to the gym with me.(enough about me!!) I 'm glad you too have a healthy hobbie together! that's cool.