Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fun, fun, fun till her daddy takes her T-Bird away..........

Izzy has a favorite toy. Its also one of her Papa's favorite toys: A giant red car that Izzy sits in and Papa gets to push her around in it. Papa calls it her T-Bird, and they take long walks around the neighborhood in it.

Izzy cracks me up sitting in it. She almost always has her hand on the steering wheel, and she just chills & checks everything out. She gets soooooo excited when she sees Papa take it out!

Loving Izzy J. and her T-Bird pushing Papa :)

(the photo collage I'm just going to print out then cut up for a scrapbook page. I know its a little awkward to look at. But you get the drift)


  1. My son has one of those cars at my parents house. My dad loves pushing him around...same thing...puts his little hand on the wheel and chills.

  2. Its wonderful how much dad enjoys being a grandpa. Lovely pics.