Monday, November 29, 2010

Anatomy of a Preschoolers Outfit

Jessica's outfits have been cracking my up lately.
She's obsessed with skirts recently.
Doesn't want a thing to do with pants.
And her matching abilities.... leave something to be desired ;)
I'm a big fan of jeremy and kathleen blog
Kathleen does a Anatomy of an Outfit post of her outfits every once in awhile
and she even had another blog going called "What We Wear" posting pics of her and her husbands outfits everyday (now its occasional pics she titles "dailies")
Just fun.
And I think Miss Jessica needs to have a series like that.
So, with out further ado............. Jessica's "Anatomy of a Preschoolers Outfit"
(please keep in mind that Jessica isn't necessarily too keen on the idea and is not always a willing model ; ) )

She chose a pink & white butterfly decorated tank top
and a orange butter fly decorated skirt
They matched because the both had butterflies
She wore some turquoise spandex shorts
(is that what they're called? Or did I totally just 80's-a-fy it?)
She had on some white flip flops with rhinestones on
Then she changed into her 2 sizes too big gold, sparkly heels
Please keep in mind it IS November. We may be in Souther Cali, but it was a bit chilly for this outfit....
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