Monday, November 22, 2010

This is why we don't have TV on at meal times

We don't watch much TV in our family
Partially by choice, but also because we don't seem to have the time
Jessica (and Izzy, though her attention span is all of 5 minutes right now) only really watches TV on the weekends
And, as a family, Steve and I have never watched TV during dinner time. Just the way both of us were raised.
But tonight the Chargers were on Monday Night Football
And I guess thats a big deal
Steve was going to go to the game, but some crazy stuff happened to his friend with the tickets (you wouldn't believe me if I told you) so he wasn't able to go.
So, he put it on after the preschool closed up and as we were prepping dinner.
I suggested he watched while we ate dinner.
Um yeah
The girls would not even look at their food, barely reaching around to grab with their hands.
They were fasicinated
And this is why we don't watch TV while eating meals.....

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