Sunday, November 7, 2010

Today You

Today you went to the Wild Animal Park with you mommy and baby sister. You were so excited.
Today you really REALLY wanted to ride the train at the WAP, and you were so excited that you got to go on the merry go round!
Today you got up a little after 6 because it was day light savings
Today you ate a pb&j sandwich, raspberries, applejuice, and a crunch candy bar from halloween for lunch. And you claimed you were hungry 5 minutes later, so you ate an apple
Today you played with your little people toys & the new trucks for the preschool
Today you got to watch a lot more TV than you usually do: Shrek the movie, Dora, Diego, and one of your "short" movies, The Lady who Swallowed the Fly
Today you went grocery shopping with your Daddy and baby sister
Today you told mommy that you loved her
Today, you are the most amazing and special 3 1/2 year old in the world, and you mommy, daddy, and baby sister love you so much
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