Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'm a juicer

So, as a part of my "health & all that jazz" journey, I've started juicing
I bought a cheap, $30 juicer on amazon- not wanting to splurge in case I didn't enjoy the juice
But now I'm kicking myself, and already have an eye on an upgrade
I've been juicing pretty much every day since I started my raw/vegan ish kick
And I'm hooked.
I actually find myself craving the juice!!!
What I have (from The Raw Detox Diet):
1 bunch of celery
5-6 Kale leaves
Ginger (about an inch or so)
A lemon or two
2 apples or other fruit (pear/plum/peach)
Occasionally a carrot stick or two
Delicious and nutritious!

The girls like to help me juice

But they aren't so into actually drinking the juice with me.....

I also recently watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead on netflix
Super inspirational- check it out!

I've tried a few other juice connoctions, but I really like this juice
The lemon + the apples really make it not taste like I'm just drinking leaves
The celery makes a lot of juice, so I like that as well

Will check back and let you know if I discover any other juices, and let me know if you have any favs!


  1. I just watched that movie too- it was very inspirational. I think it's so important to pay attention to what you are eating. So many people dont realized the correlation between what you are eating, and how it affects your health! I'm starting slowly- trying to be mostly vegetarian (although I don't think I'll ever be able to give up sushi!!).
    Anyways, the juice sounds great!!! I may have to look into getting one for sure!

  2. @Rachel- I totally agree- soooo many people do not understand that correlation! And so many people who know that they SHOULD be eating healthy, but don't. Juicing is awesome!

  3. I love juicing! I thought you would of been juicing by now Mrs. super healthy inspritional chick! lol i have a Jack Landen ( I think thats whats its called) juicer. if u by ne of those, it coumes with a recipe book with toons of blends. I found out that if you mix apples or beets, yaa BEETS with other veggies or fruits, they make the juice sweet. Have fun!!!- Jakayla