Thursday, September 22, 2011

Izzy got a "Big Girl" hair cut!

I took the girls to get their hair trimmed last weekend.
Izzy's was long over due- no longer rocking a mullet, but more a Farah Fawcett ala Charlies Angles look. That was still a little mullet-y.
I tried one time before to get it trimmed, but I was feeling wishy-washy, so when Izzy said no I said next time.
I was surprised when she walked over to the chair all by herself and climbed right in!
She had just watched Jessica do it, but still- she's getting so big!

 Jessica got her hair trimmed too.
She wants to grow it as long as Miss Justine (our fabulous babysitter and sub-teacher at school)
Her hair is down to her bum, so we'll see if Jess can do it.
We're also going to grow it until next year right before kindergarten, where we will then cut it and donate it to locks of love!
(Not sure if you can see her feather, but its black & pink to match her soccer uniform)
 Izzy got a little stacked bob.  So cute, and her hair looks so much thicker in the back!

 We love Miss Rosana, and love the new hair!


  1. Love love love this post!! Too stinkin cute!! I cannot believe how long Jess' hair is!! And I love the cheesy smile pic of Izzy where you see Jess in the mirror smiling so big at her favorite sister. :) Xoxo Amanda

  2. They are so blonde!! I love it! :)

  3. awe! Our girls are growing up, Kat!