Sunday, November 8, 2009

At 6 months....

It was quite the photoshoot. That was probably the best one I got of Izzy sitting still with her puppy!

Picture will be put up soon, as well as her weight & height, soon after her doctor visit

Miss Isabella Post is

Sitting on her own, and starting to crawl her arms forward (am I ready for a crawler???)

She's even reaching for chairs, tables, etc, around her. Wanting to pull up already?? What??

Eating solid foods! So far she's had carrots from Daddy's garden, peas, pumpkin (on Halloween!) pears, bananas, and chicken- all pureed with love by mommy. Yeah, I'm not as paranoid as I was with Jessica and not quite as good at waiting the 3 days before introducing new foods. She's only had solids for about two weeks!


Starting to finally take slightly longer naps. I hope. And hope even more I didn't just jinx that.......

But usually at least an hour, 2 - 3 times a day

Goes to bed at 5

Who knows when she'll get up.

The longest she has slept with out a peep was 14 1/2 hours. Since then she's usually up between 11 & 2, and again around 5am. Some nights its more, some nights less. It needs to be less VERY SOON

Still rocking the cloth dipes, and the solid poops are actually pretty easy to take care of

MUST be teething- she is starting to really REALLY bite hard!

Finally starting to giggle, and its so funny!

Went on her first airplane ride, on her actually 6 month birthday! We flew to Arizona, just Izzy & me, to visit my friend Jackie

Weighs: 18lbs 7 ounces (only gained 4 ounces in 2 months)

Is 26 inches tall (grew one inch)

Loves loves loves her Daddy- always reaches for him

She doesn't reach for anyone besides mommy and daddy (Jessica never reached to Daddy, so he's enjoying this with Izzy!)

Already starting to play games (making mommy & daddy pass her back and forth is a favorite)

Wants to be big like her sister

She likes to make the silliest squeaky noises

loves to observe all those around her

Not sure about her hair. She's pretty freakin bald

Loves when we sing her song


Actually takes a bottle- its amazing! A whole new world

Still in the same size clothes, 9 - 12 month

The most beautiful baby girl, and is loved by her sister, mommy & daddy so much!

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