Thursday, November 5, 2009

The things we do as mom's.....

So, all mothers have those days where they feel like super woman.
I had one of those days yesterday.
On top of working my 10 hour day (for those who don't know, I have an inhome childcare/preschool- with about 12 kids a day, and I have at least 1 helper a day), and waking up about 4 times with Izzy (2 times when she wakes up to eat, then 2 times when I wake up after nursing her and put her back in her crib)
Up at 6:20
Showered, got ready for the day
did my morning routine of putting away dishes, and in between squeezing in push ups on the counter
juggling my 2 1/2 year old and her tantrums until her buddy Blake arrived to save the day and distract her
All my normal preschool day stuff, and then we made ice cream for the first time. Bit chaotic.
On top of all that work stuff I also:
pureed some pears for Izzy's next food to try (her first fruits!)
folded cloth diapers
did 30 minutes of cardio on my elliptical when everyone was napping
washed & folded a load of our laundry
put away the girls laundry
tried a new baked chicken recipie (and undestimated the time, so we had to wait longer for dinner :( )
some school work while catching up on tv (the benifits, or downfalls, of online classes)
organized my NEW scrapbook space a little bit (post on that soon!)
AND got into bed by a decent hour, after reading 3 chapters in my book.
Just a normal day in my life right now
I don't even know how I do it all
Had to have this list, so one day my girls can see all that I do.
I wish my mom had written a list like this when I was young
Come on moms, I know I'm not the only super one out there.
Write a list of everything you do- and one day you'll look back and get exhausted just reading it ;)


  1. It's official. We can no longer be friends. ;)
    I wish I was as productive as you. I still don't have the hang of it all...and I spend way too much time on the darn internet! ;)

  2. Holy cow. That is soo much. It hurt my head to read So, was this the crazy day you wanted to email us about? If so, you should just copy and paste it for the girls. Miss you~