Saturday, May 8, 2010

Isabella is ONE!

I cannot BELIEVE how fast this past year has flown by. One year ago today Ms. Izzy J made her appearance, and our lives have been filled with so much joy (and drama) ever since. Jessica is loving being a big sister- for the most part, and I loving being a mama to two beautiful girls. Even Steve is ok with being the only dude around :) We love you Ms Isabella Johanna!

At ONE year old Izzy:
Is walking all over the place!
Starting to talk- calls both of us "Mama," has said night night, up, hi & bye
Loves to play with balls
and is a crazy climber!
Wears 12 - 18 month clothing, sometimes even 24 months!
Weighs: 29lbs 10ozs- 97th percentile!
Is 29 inches tall- 50th percentile. Short & fat :)
99.9% breastfed baby girl (she had formula in her NICU stay), and I don't know if there is any chance of weaning her anytime soon
Takes one nap a day, from 1 - 3 hours long
Goes to bed by 6:30 every night, and is awake anytime between 5:30 & 7:30.
Usually sleeps strait through the night, but occasionally wakes up
Is starting to finally get some hair- its looking blond, and possibly........ curly????
Has the bluest eyes and the best smile
Has 6 teeth
Loves to use them to bit her sister, and anything (or anyone) in her way when she's frustrated
Does baby signs when she wants
Eats just about anything, but right now is off all acidic foods ( berries, oranges, tomatoes) because of a rash on her face
Is so much fun, the most precious little girl. Her whole family loves her so much!
Happy Birthday Isabella!


  1. Happy birthday, Isabella! I would love to see her and joya together.. Joya only weighed 18lbs at her 1 year check up! Love your posts like this!