Sunday, May 30, 2010

Let myself fall behind again!

On posting, not on taking. Here are the PoTD. So here they are, all out of order:
05-06-10: TRYING to get a picture of the girls in their matching outfits!
05-04-10: Big Girl Izzy water painting
05-03-10: PEANUT BUTTER!
05-22-10: Mommy & Daddy movie star style off to Ms. Meghans wedding
05-16-10: Pic explains its all. And all by myself!
05-21-10: Jessica's new favorite activity- scrapbooking with mommy!
05-19-10: Daddy after a work out & in his favorite place- his garden
05-17-10: Izzy painting for the first time!

(this is an extra, as was the one above)

05-15-10: After a really, really long day- popcorn!
05-14-10: Mr. Steve took a mental health day- the kids loved having him here!
05-12-10: Fieldtrip to the park
05-11-10: Izzy's newest trick- sticking out the tounge!
05-26-10: Harvesting the sweat peas
05-10-10: Celebrating finishing my last class and finally getting my AA!

05-25-10: Cantalope!
05-24-10: Trying a new (& cheaper) gluten free cookie mix
05-09-10: Mothers Day 2010
05-08-10: Isabella Johanna turns 1!
05-23-10: Bella's photoshoot. i love her little feets!
oops, this is an old one.

Sorry they're all out of order and random. Not putting in a few because they're of my preschoolers. Fun fun project, I am loving it!

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  1. oh my god, Kat, these are SOOO cute!!! And you and Steve both are looking totally awesome these days! So great you can support each other being healthy and fabulous! Love the movie-star pic!