Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Miss B

So, I am in no way trying to do the photography thing for anything more than fun. I've taken a few "photoshoots" in the past few months: My brother Greg and his fiance Anne, my assistant and her family, a few with Jessica & Izzy, as well as the 1,000 + I take every month of my preschoolers.
I was recently asked by one of the moms if I would take her daughters 2 year pictures. I was beyond flattered! I refused any money, since I really barely know what I'm doing- and thought it would be fun, and good practice.
We went to a beautiful park that is in their community- it was literally "picture perfect" (ha! couldn't resist)
Anyways, I was really happy with how they turned out!!! Now to teach myself photo shop so I can edit them a little fancier than in Picasa......

Miss B is as sweet as can be.

She also has the greatest sense of humor
Holding up two fingers
I know this is a bit blurry, but I still love it! She is the most precious little girl, and she is going to be the most beautiful woman when she grows up!
I love her little profile!
Ok, and really, how perfect did this picture turn out? I didn't even have to pose her! I was totally anxious, with her on that rock- but her mom was in arms reach. I'm really happy with how they turned out
Holding up her two fingers again! So cute!
I dont' even remember why she was clapping, but it was pretty cute. This girl needs to be a baby model

Hilarious! Makes me giggle every time. (This picture in particular I really want to play with the colors.)
I love her feet. Who doesn't love little kid feet? So incredibly cute. And hers in particular, are just precious
So those are my favorites, out of 250 pictures! Hope you enjoyed :)


  1. Kat!! You did awesome! She is a cutie!!

  2. They turned out great!! That dress is adorable! :)

  3. Awesome pictures Kat! you did a great job. She is tooo cute.

  4. You are a natural lady!! Take my picture please ;)xoxo

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