Monday, June 7, 2010

PoTD continues

Since my photoshoot, I've been playing around with the free editing on Picasa. Actually does a lot more than I realized! Maybe I won't need to teach myself photoshop- anytime soon anyway.....
05-28-10: so much drama.
05-27-10: Izzy loves opening the screen door
05-29-10: special day for naima's bday!
05-30-10: Water play!

05-31-10: Memorial Day BBQ w/the fam
06-01-10: Making gluten free chocochip cookies!
06-02-10: playing house with friends!
06-03-10: Watching the Gold Finches at the bird feeder
06-04-10: Naptime! Had to wake Izzy up for Picture Day!
06-05-10: Relaxing and pampering before our big race!
06-06-10: Margaritas & Mexican food after the race. We deserve it!
06-07-10: Loving the sign they made me!

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