Friday, July 24, 2009

Engagment Pictures!!!!!

So, since my bro just proposed to Anne, my dad asked me to take some "Engagement Photos" (the unofficial ones of course!) so that he could put it in their town's newspaper.
Since I've been getting back into photography, I was happy to practice on them!!!!
So much fun, and more fun since it was my baby bro and I'm good at bossing him around ;)
I'm really happy with how the turned out, especially since we didn't have much time to take them and its a miracle I found the time to edit them! (I'm also super stoked on the editing job Picasa 3 did! Woot!)
I did these in the 20 minutes Izzy let her dad hold her,
while Jessica and 2 of her friends ran around.
(One of the little girls kept following Anne around- she's actually in a few of the unedited pics ;)
My back yard isnt' the ideal backround, but we made it work
These are my top 5 favs!
Look, I even had them watermarked! Not because I think anyone would steal them,
but because it looks cool ;)

This is the one they chose for the announcement

Congratulations Again, Greg & Anne :)
Welcome to the family


  1. Nice pictures. Greg looks like his neck threw up.

  2. Congrats again!!!! Yay for new-ish cousins!!! Great pics by the way Kathryn, I may have you do the boys too for fun :)
    xoxo Amanda

  3. Those pics are so great Kat! They don't even need to get any taken...I would be happen with those:) How exciting for Greg and your family!! BTW, it is crazy how the older Greg gets, the more he looks like your dad!!