Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays from the Post family

Big sister Jessica likes princesses, ballet, and Justin Beiber. Little sister Isabella
likes fart humor. These simple statements do a good job of summing up the vast
differences we have noticed between our daughters as we watched them grow this
year. While contemplating writing this letter, I realized it is nearly impossible to
accurately explain who we are as a family in a single holiday letter, or at least in a letter
you would actually read, so I am going to rely on illuminating snapshots from a day in
the life of the Post family to tell our story.
Weekdays are workdays, busy days, stressful days, unpredictable days, so let’s
ignore those days and take a look at Saturdays instead. Saturdays are special days for
our family, they end up being just about as busy as any normal weekday, but for better
reasons. First off, before dawn, Kat is up and out of the house for a long run to train
for her upcoming marathon in January. Next, the girls wake up sometime after 6 am
and I cook up a mess of eggs or peanut butter and jelly oatmeal to feed their growing
appetites. The girls just plain make a mess after that, then spend the early morning
watching Dora and playing while I read the paper and try to get enough coffee in me to
keep up with them. Later in the morning, Kat comes home and does a quick turnaround
to get Jessica to her dance class by 9 am. Jessica has taken both ballet and hula dance
classes this year, more on that later. While the girls are out, I get some time for myself
and head to straight to the dojo for my jiu-jitsu class till about lunchtime. The rest of the
day can hold just about anything for our family, but we have Saturday morning down to
a science and we love it.
On one special Saturday afternoon this summer, Jessica stole the show in her
first ever dance recital. Dressed up in a pink and gray mouse-tutu costume, she jumped
and skipped and smiled her way all around the stage while nearly half of the other 3
and 4 year old ballerinas stood frozen in the bright lights of the stage. We laughed and
cheered for the most adorable ballet number of all time, but Kat and I were equally
amused and amazed that it was Jessica who was so animated while on stage. We had
wondered if Jessica would actually dance once the show started because she can be
so shy and reserved in public situations, but she proved that she can deliver a show
stopping performance when it really matters.
Izzy’s stage of choice usually opens later in the day at the dinner table; this
is where she perfects her comedy routine between eating and pushing her plate off
the table. Although it is hard to understand her very cute toddler babbling, make no
mistake, Izzy is already fluent in the universal language of humor. She is loud. She
is cheesy. She makes funny faces on command. She rubs food in her hair. She raises
her glass for cheers at least once for every meal. She has a mullet (sorry it’s true).
She laughs at her own farts. She has an insincere/fake laugh for jokes she doesn’t
understand. Meanwhile, we are all in hysterics and Izzy keeps a straight face while she
continues her routine until dinner is over or we can’t take it any more.
There are countless other stories from this year that may seem more significant,
but what really stands out to me is how dynamic and exciting our family life has
become. We love watching our girls discover the world as they grow up, and their
undeniable personalities guarantee they will continue to entertain and impress us every
day in their own unique ways.

Wishing you a peaceful holiday season,
Steve, Kat, Jessica, and Isabella

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