Friday, December 10, 2010

WIsh List

I have been asked for a "Christmas List" from more than a few people.
Thought it would be fun to share online, too

Fun camera strap, like this one
Cool camera bag that looks like a purse, like any from here
Canon 5D Mark II (a girl can wish, right?)
Canon 7D (is what I'm currently saving for)
or, just discovered this, thinking it could be a good deal!

I need a better head lamp for running when its still dark out (yes, thats how early I get up to run at)
A sports bra (but I guess thats not a very fun gift, is it?)
I need a new belt.  I wish I could get a bunch of different kinds to play around with and see what really works, but that also seems kinda wasteful.  I wonder what the return policy is???
Anyways, anything running related, really. Its all fun to me :)

A gift card to shop at Designer Digital. Trying to teach myself how to scrapbook digitally!
Another "Project Life" for my PoTD

True Religon Julies in lone star

Gift card to Nordstroms (I LOVE the rack!)

Perfume: Deciding between my favorite, worn for the past 10 years, Marc Jacobs or going with a new perfume (by the same maker) Daisy I'm just about out of my bottle of Marc Jacobs, and I LOVE it. I also love the idea of having a "smell" that will make my daughters think of me when they smell it, know that its a special night if I'm wearing it. But maybe I should try something different? Thoughts?

Bath time (for mommy! one of my favorite times....)
Love anything from Lush, but especially bath bombs or bath melts

I need a new water bottle!!!

Thats it, for now.  The list could go on and on, and it also made me realize 
how much I don't buy anything for myself anymore! 


  1. I had the same camera bag on my list...I was informed last week that the one I wanted won't ship till February. Maybe I'll get if for my birthday.

  2. actually i did get a few things- some running stuff (gift cards, so i bought new shoes and capris) and a gift card to norstroms, and some fun stuff from lush!