Monday, February 21, 2011

Jessica's Pinkalicious Fancy Nancy Birthday Party Extravaganza!

So, the plan for Jessica's birthday was to do Disneyland in place of a big party (her choice) and a small celebration at school on her actual Bday.
But of course, that did NOT go as planned.
I went overboard.  Of course.
She wanted a Pinkalicious Fancy Nancy themed party (her two favorite books)
Easy enough, I thought.
Pink & fancy.  Simple, right? Well, I guess not, because simple is NOT fancy.
Made a bunch of these Martha Stewart pom poms (obsessed!)
Stayed up late the night before making Pink cupcakes, from scratch because I'm OCD like that, and dyed with beet juice: from a beet that I actually juiced.  Trying to keep it natural.  And gluten free/sugar free/dairy free so that I could also enjoy it (its kind a big day for me, too!).  I also decorated a bit, then woke up early so that I was all decked out and dressed in pink and finished decorating before Jessica woke up.

She got a bike and a few books and a pair of shoes from her family.  Why didn't I think Disneyland was enough?
But look how happy she was!
Izzy helped make her pink pancakes (made with beet juice of course)
Shaped in the number 4
With a candle.  All day celebration, thats for sure!
We played pin the cherry on the pink cupcake with her friends, my assistant Justine made the cute cupcake
Photoshoot!  She would not hold still and pose like last year, but I got some cute ones (SOOC, not edited yet)

Izzy's boyfriend came
Fancy plates, a la Fancy Nancy
and fancy spoons....
Cupcake pull string pinata
Izzy played pin the cherry on the pink cupcake!
Pink table all ready for lunch!
Jessica chose: chicken nuggets, pink applesause, carrots with ranch made dairy free and dyed pink, and pink lemonade to drink!
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Pink cupcakes with cherries on top!
Jessica was very worried when the wind kept blowing out her candles....
this picture cracks me up- she seriously looks so worried!
so we moved inside.  Much better

That night we went to dinner at the Elephant Bar (her choice) so she could get their chicken nuggets.  The girl loves her chicken nuggets!
Did you notice that she changed her outfit 5 or 6 times that day???
It was pretty hectic with the two girls at dinner...
But Jessica had a blast on her 4th Birthday! AND we hadn't even been to Disneyland yet.....
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  1. what a FUN birthday party!! i love the last photo of jessica blowing out her candles... she looks so excited that everyone was celebrating just HER. :) using beet juice to make pink pancakes is such a clever idea. i love the pink pom poms you made, the plastic-ware with princess jewels, and the "pin the cherry on the pink cupcake" is another neat idea! will you plan my 30th birthday, please? i want a fancy shmancy purple party!!

  2. Super cute kid!! Your daughter is really very sweet. You know I am also blessed with a cute girl. She is 6 years old and loves parties. Now we have been planning to take her to children’s music event at San Francisco venues. She’ll definitely enjoy that.