Friday, February 4, 2011

marathon tips

So, I've run a marathon.  Thats kinda a big deal.  Up there in my top 5 life accomplishments, after giving birth to my daughters, marrying my husband, being born, opening &; running my own business, and tied with earning a degree.  Maybe even more of an accomplishment that being born, because I really didn't have much of a say in that one.

Anyway, a few tips for any other Mama's out there who are thinking of running a marathon.

First off- you can do it!  If I can do it, any one can.

Second, I've read it over and over and its SO TRUE.  Its 10% physical and 90% mental.  And if you're a mom, you're already mentally very tough.  You have to be!

If you're running the race alone, find a pacer.  All of the peeps running around the pacers are up for conversation, including the pacers themselves!  I chatted with the pacer for a bit, and then met up with another gal and ended up running with her from mile 2ish to mile 13 (where I saw my family so I slowed down a lot to say hi and give kisses, then could not catch up because of my STUPID KNEE)

If you can, have friends & family cheer you on at different mile markers.  So so encouraging to see them when you need it most!

Remember, you have given birth to a child.  (In my case, a almost 10 pound baby with no drugs.)  Child birth is often compared to running a marathon.  So yeah, you've basically already done it.  And everytime I was struggling I chanted this in my head.

If you're running a marathon that has a 1/2 marathon running as well, ignore the 1/2 marathoners.  Don't look at their mile markers.  Its only going to piss you off.

If you need some encouragment, a high five, something- ask for it!  Especially at the water station.  Those peeps are all about it!  I asked one chick for a high five and ended up running through 25 + people, slapping high fives to them all!  It was awesome!

Ok, so those are my tips.  I've only run one, and I ran it with an injury so yeah, I'm no expert.  Just some running wisdom I learned and thought I would share.

And I do hope to run another one.  Already planning it :)


  1. good advice!!! Whats a pacer??

  2. A pacer is a crazy person who can keep the exact pace the ENTIRE RACE. Ok, not crazy- just really uber talented. They usually hold a flag or something, so you can gauge about what your time will be. Very cool