Friday, November 18, 2011

Being a mom.....

Being a mother is something I've always dreamed of- and its been more amazing than I ever could of imagined.  That being said- its HARD being a mama!  I'm not talking about the toddler tantrums, the sleepless nights, the diaper changes/potty training, the drama, the mama guilt, any of that- I'm talking about the whole "letting them go" thing.  Letting them grow into their own person who will one day find a partner and make a family of their own.  Its the one relationship that you put your all into, and they are supposed to pull away.  To grow up.  I love my girls with all my heart and then some, and I love thinking about all the fun things the future holds for them.  But if I really let myself think about it, I kinda freak out a little bit. I want to always be there to protect them, keep them in safe in our little family bubble.  I know this isn't realistic, and I know I'm also not the only parent to go through my thought process.  So for right now I'm trying to just live in the moment and enjoy everything that mommy-hood is bringing to me.

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