Wednesday, November 16, 2011

KRAP Thanksgiving

This past weekend we had our first feast of the season..... its our second annual KRAP + friends Thanksgiving!
The four of us KRAP ladies (me, Rema, Alexa & Paula) got together early in the day to start the cooking and the wine drinking. I was in charge of the turkey and decorating the table- pretty easy deal if you ask me ;)
Here's Alexa & Paula cooking
And because I ALWAYS take pictures of my decorated table, but never do anything with the pictures, decided to share a little collage:

The four of us

Alexa's daughter Mila playing with my girls- so cute! They love each other already :)

Didn't get a group picture of all of us, because people were coming and going at all different times so it just never happened. I also forgot to take pictures of all the delicious food- probably was too distracted eating and drinking ;)
Such a fun tradition, hope to keep it up for years to come 

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