Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thankful Turkey

Thought this would be a good place to share some of the preschool crafts I do. And now that I discovered pintrest, another place to store them all in spot!

I adore turkey project. They always crack me up! I do the pinecone turkey every year, and I've done a few renditions of Thankful Turkeys.
This one I came up with on a whim (actually it was a bit of a panic because I thought we didn't have the art project prepped. We did, I'm just a spaz)
Its great for all ages- even the one year old toddlers can just paint the bags, while the older kids can practice their writing skills!

What you need:
small brown bags (lunch sack style)
brown paint
googly eyes
red, orange, yellow, green construction paper.

Before hand:
Cut out leaves from the constuction paper, about two leaves out of a 8 1/2 x 12 sheet
Cut yellow triangles for beaks
and red "googles" for their gobble gobble. (I have looked up the correct name before, but its just as ridiculous as a gobble gobble so thats what I"m sticking to.....)

Set up the table for painting however you do it (we use a cheap shower curtain cut in half, and then old t-shirts for smocks)
I had the kids use sponges to paint all over the bag- brushes would work just find too
While waiting for the bags to dry, ask the children what they are thankful for.
Once the paint is dry, have the kids stuff the bags with newspaper
Then, close the bag however works best for you. We just twisted it shut and put on a rubber band
The older kids can write what they are thankful for on three leaves, then on the bottom 2 leaves write the child's name, "Thankful Turkey"
Fan the leaves out and staple them together, then glue them to the back of the turkey.
The kids can glue on a turkey face.
For younger kids, just do the assemblying for them.

This is Jessica's Thankful Turkey
And in case you need a little help reading what she wrote:
Family (with a backward capital E instead of F. Love it)

So sweet!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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