Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jessica went Horseback riding!

We went on a fieldtrip to a local Ranch, where the kids got to pet the animals, learn a little about ranch living- and ride horses! There was supposed to also be a pony, but the pony got sick. So it ended up being two big horses!
Jessica answered one of the "Sheriff's" questions correctly (a horse's hair is called a mane) so she was one of the first kids to go!
Look how little she looks next to that horse! I was a bit of a nervous mama, but she was in good hands. The Sheriff walked beside her the entire time, holding her in place. And of course, she had that awesome spiderman helment on, too
Izzy got a kick out of watching her!
Jessica LOVED it!
Such a proud, happy expression on her face. So, so cute

She loved it- will horseback riding be in her future? We'll see- but either way, it was super cute seeing her on that horse!
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  1. I've got a random memory about you and an equestrian helmet. Nice to see that at this early stage jessica is rockin the spiderman helmet. O'Doyle rules.

  2. I wish McK could have fun at preschool with you. How is everything going?