Sunday, June 13, 2010


Going to have to do a post on my 1/2 marathon, now that I have the "official" pictures.
Changed my PotD for
06-06-10: Right before the race!
You can find the next PoTD here: 06-08-10: My beautiful big girl Jessica

06-09-10: Mommy's battlewounds (losing a toenail from running!)
06-10-10: Izzy mixing up the art stations
always nice, isn't it?
06-11-10: Mommys' new obsession, kale chips
06-12-10: Orchid from Tashia for doing the 1/2! And thus my obsession with Orchids has begun....
06-13-10: Baking Gluten free zuchinni bread in matching aprons!
And let the next weekend begin.... Steve's last day of school is Wednesday, but he's still not sure what internship he will be doing this summer, so no idea how much he's even going to be home! I've got tons on my plate, as well. I will get to my 1/2 marathon post eventually....

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