Tuesday, June 22, 2010

PoTD continues

Picture of the day. I'm seriously loving this project- I am about a month and a 1/2 behind on the scrapbook, but totally on top of taking pictures every day. I really, really love how its documenting my/our lives right now. And the best part, I just need a solid hour, maybe 2, and I would be completely caught up! Can't say that about any other scrapbooking project I have!

A lot of the past week were w/the other preschoolers. We had rainbow week at school- one of my favorite themed weeks- but that means a lot of the preschoolers were in the pictures so they aren't all here.
With out further ado.......PoTD (all kinds of out of order)

06-19-10: Visiting cousin Amanda's- Jessica playing w/Joshua!
06-17-10: Loving having Daddy home! Schooools out for summmmer!

06-14-10: Watermellon dresses for red day!
06-21-10: Officially summer- Wild flowers in the yard
06-20-10: Fathers Day @ the WAP: Daddy & his Girls

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