Friday, June 18, 2010

Life can get crazy

So, I realize I have been a horrible blogger.
Life has been insane, what can I say?
Having two girls 3 and under, working 50+ hours a week, owning my own business (which is why I work so much!), going to school (and getting all A's!), as well as joining the Board of the San Diego Family Child Care Association, doesn't leave much time for anything fun. Oh, I also was training for a 1/2 marathon.
So yeah, no me time- because really, the running is the "me" time. And with running I get up insanly early (um, 4 am anyone?).
So blogging and scrapping pretty much went out the door.
At least I am keeping up with my Picture of the Day project!

Anyways, so now I'm no longer in school (finally finished my AA!) and won't be going back for awhile. I want and NEED to get more fun me time. That doesnt' necessarily include blogging, but I do want to keep it up if I'm not going to be scrapping as much.

Just felt like I should fill y'all in on why I've been MIA


  1. we still love ya

  2. I'm totally impressed with your running!!! I wish I was as motivated!! ;)

  3. Totally understand ... but you could of still put a picture up of the girls. Lol... just playing. I know u c that I haven't done one since the twins were 11 months.. so sad. But I did finally scrapbook last week. I designaded Wednesday as scapbook day. We ll see how long that last. Good for u for achieving you running goals so far. I know momma and daddy are proud!