Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Camping Trip Highlights

So many fun memories from our camping trip. Want to be sure to preserve them, hope to one day get them in a scrapbook!

The highlights:

Car Ride:
-2 pee stops for an hour and 20 minutes of driving.  AND we still had a pee pee accident
-"Big Mountains" everywhere. Izzy & Jessica both kept pointing them out. It reminded me of my youngest brother, Greg, pointing out every water tower he'd see when driving through Iowa
- We put on Jessica's Jams. A cd that we've had for Jessica for a few years.  Izzy started getting really upset in the back seat, and it literally took us 5 minutes to figure out she was saying: "Isabella's Songs"  So sweet! Made me realize we can't leave her out, got to treat the two girls equal. She's not a baby anymore!
-During the pit stops, daddy had to go, too (we pulled over on the highway, and used the portable potty for the girls).  The girls could not get over that Daddy pees in bushes!

Izzy was so excited to finally set up camp!

 The First Night
-Roasting hot dogs & marshmellows. They weren't a fan of the smoke (who can blame them?) and only lasted a few minutes before Daddy had to take over. Loved the messy faces after s'mores!
-Bedtime was much easier than we thought it would be! Both girls woke up in the middle of the night cold. So did mommy. We were better prepared for the next night

Jessica, Izzy, & Daddy roasted hot dogs!
 Jessica & Izzy doing dishes.  So cute!
 So excited to be making s'mores!

Mommy s'more ingredients
-Izzy proved that is pretty much 95% potty trained.  We set up her little potty in a corner and she would go over there every time she had to pee.  Proving she is just a stinker and doesn't like to take herself to the potty at home.... 
-Taking the girls on a Nature hike! They learned about Mother Nature and had fun exploring
-Izzy requested blue chicken nuggets for dinner. Don't know where the "blue" came from, but it was pretty funny.  And we kept having to explain to the girls the only food we had was what we brought.
-Down time- Izzy took a long nap, Daddy & Jessica took a walk to the pond, mommy layed out in the sun! Then mommy showed Jessica how to make "fairy houses" that she loved making as a little girl.
-We brought the girls bikes, and learned that bike riding with the girls is a 2 parent job! But oh so fun :)

Daddy & his fancy french press coffee maker
 On our Nature Hike

 Love love love this candid moment I was able to capture. So precious
 Jessica's fairy house!
 Bike riding
 Friday Night
-Spagitti for dinner!
-We took an evening walk after dinner to see if we could find deer.  It turned into a photoshoot when Mommy realized how great the lighting was!
-Bedtime was even easier BUT when Izzy started whimpering at 2am we made it worse by talking to her too much, then she started screaming and the neighbors got annoyed so she ended up in the sleeping bag with daddy.... at least Jessica slept through the whole night!

Mmmmm psgetti!
 Evening walk- where Izzy had her first pee accident of the trip
 This was her "no I didn't" face when we called her out....
 Getting arsty with my s'more shot
 Messy, messy faces!
 All bundled up and ready for the cold/bed! 
- We packed up and said good bye to our super fun first family only vacation and camping trip.  Can't wait to camp at the beach in August!

After a night of sharing his sleeping bag with Izzy, he didn't get much space from her. 
Those girls love their Daddy!
 The view of San Diego county on our way back home


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