Saturday, June 11, 2011

Flower girls!

Jessica and Izzy were flower girls in Miss Angie's wedding in early June
The wedding was at the Wild Animal Park- it was such a fun and unique location!
Jessica has been a flower girl before (which I apparently never blogged about.  THAT was  a story.  Bascially Steve ended up being the flower girl while he carried a crying Jessica down the aisle.  He tossed the flowers and everything!) but this was Izzy's first time.
Jessica got to get all fanci-fied at the salon with the big girls!

 She even got her nails done!
 I tried to get a shot of her and me before we left, but she didn't like that idea...
 When we got to the WAP she was ready with the map! (and Izzy with her shades ;) )
 We had to glam Izzy up a bit, too.  Yipstick that she immediately licked off
 One perk, lots of cool things to look at while waiting for the wedding to start!

 And thank goodness we had Miss Justine with us! She was our nanny for the day.  She was also basically another flower, since she had to carry BOTH girls down the aisle and hand them off to Steve.
Who then threw the flowers on the aisle.
It was actually quite entertaining :)

 Even though they didn't actually do their duties as they were supposed to, they were still the cutest flower girls ever!

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