Sunday, June 5, 2011

Spring cleaning kick

Ever since Spring break, which was the first week of April, I've been on a "Spring Cleaning" Kick.
Got my closet all organized
Izzy's clothes organized
My bathroom organized (almost finished, still have to do the drawers, but I do have a HUGE bag of lotions/shampoos/makeup etc to be donated.  Takers?)
Random spots in my kitchen
And thats the only place I finally remembered to pick up my camera to take before and after pics:
Before (half way through anyway)


 Ahhh, feels so good to get stuff organized!  I never, EVER have time to do this, but when I get going I really get going!  The best was cleaning out the THREE, yes, one two THREE junk drawers we have in our kitchen.  Look at this bowl full of freakin pens and markers and pencils.  Things I can NEVER find when I need them....
Still have more to do but thought I would share what I accomplished so far :)

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